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Nepal: seeds of a new people’s army

The first convention of the National People’s Volunteers (NPV), a mass fighting force and serve-the-people volunteer organization, has taken place, as thousands of revolutionaries marched through the streets of Kathmandu. The NPV was first formed by Comrade Biplab, a leading members of the Nepali Maoists who has been articulating a program for the continuation of the revolution in Nepal. At this meeting, the leadership of the NPV was transitioned from Biplab to Deepak Chalaune, a former Division Vice Commander of the People’s Liberation Army, an army that now has been dissolved by counter-revolutionary forces in Nepal.

Thousands of former People’s Liberation Army fighters are flocking to the new National People’s Volunteers. Kiran, Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist declared at this meeting “this very team will hold up the weapons once again if needed,” and demanded that the ruling Bhattarai government of Nepal fulfill a 70 point demand list the Nepal’s revolutionaries have placed on this regime.

Thanks to Bikkil Sthapit for these photos