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Images of Resistance

May 1 in Turkey: Police Terror and Militant Resistance

There photos come to Kasama from Halkin Gunlugu, a radical newspaper sympathetic to the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey (MKP). Kasama will be translating reports from Turkey when possible.

"With 80 countries around the world marking May 1 as a public holiday, Istanbul's Taksim Square was in lockdown on Wednesday, after the Turkish government banned May Day protests there.The square is the site of a 1977 May Day massacre in which dozens of people died under disputed circumstances. Hashem Ahelbarra, reporting from Istanbul, said: "There have been scuffles, particularly in areas that lead to Taksim Square, which has been sealed off. "Protesters say they should be given access to celebrate May 1 in a place of symbolic importance; they want to honour the memory of those who were killed here. There is a tug of war under way between the government and people." Earlier images showed police spraying water at protesters who threw objects at their vehicles...

May Day marchers continue clashes with police in Istanbul, Turkey, after Turkish police blocked access to a city square. Masked protestors throw objects during clashes in Istanbul. Turkish riot police used water cannon and tear gas on Wednesday in a bid to disperse hundreds of protesters who defied a Labour Day ban on demonstrations in a central part of Istanbul. Protestors use a makeshift barricades during clashes -- Cops using teargas, water cannons."

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Kali Shakti: Photos from Nepal's Maoist Congress

These photos come to Kasama from Kali Shakti, a revolutionary journalist. The photos were taken at the congress of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist, a new revolutionary political party that has formed, and is in preparations for a new revolutionary uprising in Nepal. Kasama will be running more photography from Nepal over the coming week.