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Images of Resistance

Nicolette Attente: Faces of resistance to NATO

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May First in Brooklyn: High school students walk out

We received the following report and photos from  participants in Kasama's project. Click for full pictures. Photo credit: Nicolette Attente.

By Nat Winn

As the high school students began to climb the hill in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, I could hear militant chanting. I could see their signs and banners, but not quite make out the words. These were dozens of young students, overwhelmingly Black and Latino. They were joined by a few of their teachers and supporters from Occupy the Hood and Occupy Wall Street.

As they reached the tall Prison Ship Martyrs Monument, their chant suddenly became clear:

“We make history everyday! By what we do and what we say!”

Some students had marched several miles to this park from Paul Robeson High School on May First – after walking out of school. Their school is scheduled to be phased out when the current freshman class graduates -- ultimately paving the way for private charter schools that will go into the already swollen pockets of Mayor Bloomberg’s powerful friends.


The grievances of Paul Robeson students appeared in a YouTube video that went viral – calling out the city-wide school closing and bitterly criticizing their own treatment at the hands of school guards and police. They are speaking about what is happening to youth widely. And they pointed out that this disrespect is part of the same racist social programming that led to death of Trayvon Martin.

I saw them join together in this rally with about 30 students from Brooklyn Tech High School – which is right across the street from Fort Greene park. Brooklyn Tech students decided to march in solidarity with Paul Robeson.

Many of the kids from Brooklyn Tech had their own painful issue to raise: One of their close friends had been murdered by police.