Nepal's Revolution is a Necessity: Interview with Pampha Bhushal

"What is revolution? Is revolution still relevant in today's world? Why did the Nepalese people rise up in a revolutionary "People's War" that lasted ten years (1996-2006)?

Pampha Bhushal, spokesperson of the Communist Party of Nepal - Maoist (CPN-M), was interviewed on January 17, 2013, by BASICS CNS and Kasama Project (Winter Has Its Ends) correspondents.

She explains how she became a revolutionary feminist and communist herself, and why the intense inequality that exists in Nepal simply cannot be solved through the existing bureaucratic and semi-feudal structures. In fact, she argues that wherever there is inequality, there is a need to change the political and economic structures to bring about the representation of all and to bring about greater equality -- revolution is a necessity." -BASICS NEWS, Canada

Thanks to Winter Has Its End and BASICS NEWS reporters for this wonderful interview.

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