Dondi: Taking Care of Business

Thanks to Fire On the Mountain for uncovering this old "Dondi" comic strip from early 1970s.



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    <b>"Goshes, Missy McGowan!"</b>

    I take your point-- from the text out of context.

    For me though, not being able to shake the historical context, this is a trip back to Dondi's stint as a Korean war orphan (he somehow morphed from Italian DP). This racist warmongering in the guise of a cartoon was a lagniappe for the children of the house from the Chicago Tribune syndicate. It painted a friendly face on American imperialist aggression.

  • I'm not sure why you say that. Can you explain further?

    Are you saying this characterizes the Dondi strip as a whole? Or are you saying that this panel we have posted is somehow racist warmongering?

    What is "Italian DP" (displaced person?)

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    Sorry if my response was that vague.

    I am saying that the strip, <b>as a whole</b>, was a propaganda tool in the time of the Korean war. There were also, to my recollection (remember, I read this as a child), clear racist overtones (not the least of which was the assumption that a child orphaned by American imperialist aggression would need to be rescued by Americans from his own people).

    The posted panel shows none of this. Taken out of the historical context of the strip as a whole, this panel (in particular its text) is timely enough that I linked to your posting of it on twitter.

    I did however want to recall, for those who may be too young to have read the strip themselves, what I remember of the more complete context.


    Yes, "Displaced Person" (this was Dondi in his first incarnation, as an Italian child). Sorry, bad twitter habits have me lapsing into abbreviations where the meaning seems clear (even when there is no 140 character limit).

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    I should perhaps also explain that for Dondi as Korean war orphan the phrase quoted in my original post, <b>“Goshes, Missy McGowan!”</b>, was perhaps half of his dialogue.

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