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Some supporters of this Black Riders Liberation Party have been charged with gang conspiracy charges. Three of them still face time and their next trial date is July first.

They are having a solidarity summer festival on july 12th in LA. Their site is here

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  • Guest - Big L

    These folks come off as a bit adventurist, but it seems they've done some important work defending immigrants during fascist anti-immigrant mobilizations in Leimert Park, a central part of the black community in LA.

  • wanna define your views of "adventurist" so we at least know what you are talking about?

    and where did you learn about this "important work"? Links?

  • Guest - big L

    Some of the important instances of them standing in solidarity with immigrants are touched on in the links below. The main piece I read about it isn't online, but was in a print 'zine someone showed me a while back.

    "They were also involved in the
    self-defense of the Black community in its opposition to the
    provocation by the Minute-klan anti-immigrant, pro-police forces
    fronted by Ted Hayes. "

    "The LAPD allowed the swelling crowd of counterprotestors, a mixed Brown, Black, and white group led down Crenshaw by the Black Riders Liberation Party, to spill into the street as they marched fifteen feet away from [Choose Black America, Ted Hayes group]"

    People from LA I've spoken to about these guys have talked about them having a militant posture at times, which has been described as adventurist. Wearing fatigues and their supposed stockpiling of heat. But that's all stuff I've heard second-hand so definitely shouldn't be taken as fact, even though it comes from folks who repsect and support the work the BRLA does in uniting gangs, and building multiracial solidarity against the anti-immigrant protests.

  • Guest - Jose M

    wow thats whats up right here, i am glad to see this

    i have never heard of these brothers and sisters, but i would be extremely interested in going to their summer festival

    what do comrades think about them?

  • Guest - Commander Hotdog

    They seem like a bunch of cheesy wannabes...

  • Guest - Jose M (JJM+)

    how are they "wannabes"?

    No doubt they are learning (and expanding out of necessity) on the black panthers, but to say that they are wannabes is like slandering and taking a shit on their just struggle.

    i dont know much about them, but they are struggling for things that pertain to the black community.

    if they are simply trying to "copy" the BPP, which I dont think they are, it is to serve the people and make revolution.

  • Guest - cwla

    FREE THE BLACK RIDERS 3!!!!!!!!!!

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