The United States View of the World

This is part of a series of maps created by Yanko Tsvetkov.  The rest can be seen and purchased on this website.




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  • Guest - Temet Nosce

    Seems to be a rather accurate depiction of our mental geography, I'm sorry to say.

    Actually, scratch that - I don't think Americans know enough of our own history to draw the parallels between Vietnam - Cambodia and Afghanistan - Pakistan. Clearly that one is an inside joke for non-Americans. :P

  • Guest - Aunt Vic Keller

  • Guest - mlw

    It should be nintendo not toyota

  • Guest - Aunt Vic Keller

    Mocking Americans for, say, believing in UFOs, is not constructive. Also it is no surprise that allegiance to US interests against rival imperialist powers such as Iran, Venezuela, Brazil, and Bolivia, just as an Iranian proletariat may be easily sold a mass-manufactured anti-American and pro-Iranian ideology. This T-shirt is an elitist joke that doesn't help in spreading clear messages to smash false consciousness and rally the international class struggle. Rather it enforces anti-Americanism which is counter-productive.

  • Guest - Aunt Vic Keller

    *allegiance to US interests <b>is common among US workers</b>

  • Guest - Grac

    <i>rival imperialist powers such as Iran, Venezuela, Brazil, and Bolivia</i>
    Are you really saying that those countries are imperialist?

  • Guest - Aunt Vic Keller

    "imperialism is not the creation of one or any group of states, but is the product of a particular stage of ripeness in the world development of capital … and from which no nation can hold aloof at will" - Luxemburg, Junius Pamphlet

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