Farsi Translation: 9 Letters to Our Comrades

The following are the  translations of the "9 letters to Our Comrades: Getting Beyond Avakian's Synthesis" (original English).

Farsi is a major language spoken in Iran and parts of both Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

Grateful acknowledgment to our translator team.

Farsi readers: Please forward questions and corrections to our Kasama email. We are eager to refine the current translations.

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9 Letters to Our Comrades: Getting Beyond Avakian's New Synthesis

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  • Guest - Mehrdad

    Thanks for posting improved versions...
    I helped but, wondered beside those, what ones are not finalized? I haven't looked and compared yet.
    and for originals we have to look into English originals right?

    I Have not compared them yet to to make it safe, I will start at the last ones that I glanced over and seemed not finalized but, correct me if I am incorrect.

    From Kurdistan to Nepal it is right to rebel!

  • the translators tell me that letters 1 and 2 are proofread and close to done.
    they believe that 3 through 9 need more work.

    if you have time and inclination, please focus on them.

    All criticisms and suggestions are appreciated!

  • Guest - Abbas Goya II

    In response to a B. who asked me for a feedback on the farsi translations, I went through a few and I found them very fluent, easy to read and understand. Well Done!

    While I still cannot make a final conclusion about this site, I gather that Mike is an open-minded Maoist. Well, that doesn't have an effect on my approach to this site. I'm here to meet the socialist activists, not the ideologies; even though we inevitably get into theoretical debates.

    Generally speaking, if this site is to promote that version of 'socialism', I might be in the wrong place.

  • I'm glad to hear your appraisal of our Farsi translations.

    I think it is fair to describe me as an open-minded Maoist -- (or let's say that I aspire to be open-minded and may succeed occasionally).

    But it is worth adding that this is not my site alone. It started as my blog several years ago, but as a network congealed around it, we have created a moderator team and the Kasama Project is emerging as a communist organization.

    I remain one of the main contributors and moderators of the site -- but my politics do not <em>define</em> the discussions here, and the views i put forward should not be assumed to be automatically the common positions of the Kasama Project as such.

  • Guest - Abbas Goya II

    Thank you Mike for the response and the clarification.

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