Thanksgiving Stats: Why Not Viral?

by Mike Ely

We have been posting the piece Native Blood around Thanksgiving for several years -- as an article and as a podcast.

Here are the results this year:

On Kasama this last week, the essay has been clicked on over 4,600 times.

Of these 1,200 reads were on Thanksgiving itself.

Meanwhile, the piece has been promoted on quite a few other places including Facebook, Speed of Dreams, Links, Counterpunch, Revolution, Revolution Books Berkley, Advance the Struggle, RevLeftWikipedia, People of Color and more. (All of which show up on Google and get their own reading.)

I suspect that such an essay rather easily gets read tens of thousands of times each year -- with very little organized effort.

Simple proposal:

Why can't we make reach hundreds of thousands of people with the right pieces?

Why don't we do this more often, more collectively, more creatively, and more systematically?

Why not an organized "Online Leafleting Project" learning together how to go viral?


Parallel Efforts

Meanwhile, there are many other efforts to expose the true nature of Thanksgiving. Here are just a few:

More posts from the Blogosphere (with different approaches):


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Richard Greener: The True Story Of Thanksgiving That I have learned from history of thanksgiving is that thanks to Indian's welcome to the Pilgrim Fathers, they could survive and prosper in the new lands already occupied by Indians. That is a very good reason to commemorate! ...

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The Real History of Thanksgiving – The Rape of America by European ... And even worse, the true history of Thanksgiving – the brutal and cruel story of what really happened between the white European colonizers and the friendly Native Americans – is not only masked but celebrated every year with turkey ...

The Extent of Amnesia

When we bring up the real history of Thanksgiving, some people say that this holiday is just Turkey, Beer and Football Day to them (followed by the Black Friday shopping extravaganza).

Just taking a break, dude. Just pigging out. And so why make a deal about patriotic myths we learned in grade school. Who cares? We aren't thinking false thoughts, they say, we are thinking none.

OK, fair enough. In your case, our de-mythologizing here is not aimed at you. For you we have other arguments to raise. Lives lived so obliviously are their own danger to humanity.


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  • Guest - Roxanne Amico

    Excellent collection. I will bookmark this, and start reading it the few wks prior to this horrific holiday next year, to gear up my spirit to deal with living in a culture so insanely amnesiacal. And this line-->"Lives lived so obliviously are their own danger to humanity." Priceless!!! Thank you.

  • Guest - Sheitan Uldoleh

    While personally being from Turk origin I have to never forget things said during demonstrations and picket lines in front of the Turkish consulate, during the time when the US regime was trying to condemn the around a million and half Armenians getting slaughtered by the Turks, we met other people including Kurds who felt regretful for their being used against Armenians by the Turkish regime (used to be called Ottoman regime)and due to their own getting killed and mistreated by Turkish regime, they were in solidarity with them. Then we had people from Greece and Cyprus who were exposing their hatred for the supported by Atlantic Treaty Turkish regime plus various others who were saying that if there is anything to be cooked on American Thanksgiving, it would be bodies of the racist Turkish regime that has done tons of evil including making it a saying that mountain Turks that is Kurdish speaking people's pants should be taken off in the school to see if they have tails.

    I still am a Turk but, I hope that the Turkish/North Kurdistan Maoists will do some shit to clean up this filthy regime of Turkey that sometimes plays bits of Islamic to be assimilated within the current backward Middle Eastern regimes. I and people like me – some Maoists, lots of Syndicalist and Trotskists, whatever we may be categorized as, we should not be blamed for Ataturk and such brutal leaders. We need our revolution to let Assyrian, Armenian, Kurdish and other minorities to receive their respect and gain their rights to speak their own languages, have their own New Year ceremonies (Armenians Christmas is few days after the Euro-Americans' and, Kurds and some others consider first of spring as the true new year) and all other rights and, have their own hegemony in their own village and cities rather than being under the manipulation of the Turkish state. If not, then some Kurdish extremists like the Falcons may continue their terrorist actions that are not even promoted by the PKK imprisoned leader Apo Ocalan.

    By making a revolution and breaking down the back of NATO, Turkey will become a very different sort of land. Of course in past issues of A world to win and, this very site, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya's bright mind has been looked upon but, we need his line and goals to become materialized in a big way. Guzman and his predecessors, Dahal Prachanda and such people are the responsible parties who tried to and, are trying to liberate their nations and indigenous peoples. Maoists of India off course are along with Nepalese Maoists on top of the world and sooner or later we will have it in our land – North Kurdistan and Turkey – as well.

    But our true new year, thanksgiving will be the day the current military and reactionaries have been wiped out of the power. For those in the US though, better follow the American Indian Movement activists who go to places like Alcatraz to make their point of un thanksgiving clarified for the rest.

    I and my family will be reading the above mentioned articles and hope for the day that our Kasama friends will lead us in a practical way to change the world with more advanced evolved revolutionary theory.

    Victory to all revolutionary progressive of the world!

  • Guest - rosa harris

    "Why not an organized “Online Leafleting Project” learning together how to go viral?"

    I think this is an excellent idea that needs to be explored more through practice. We had some beginning experience with it with the <em>Revolutionary Worker</em> and the RCP's discussion site To Change the World, posting on the Indymedia websites and some other sites.

    It had a big impact on the stats at the time that showed that this type of effort does bring in eyeballs.

    We started to learn what types of articles we should post that were more effective for this and what was less effective as well. We were very careful that sites would not feel spammed by our efforts and in many places our efforts were welcomed.

    Some sites, for example, are looking for interesting content we found after writing to the people that ran the sites to see if they would print our articles.

    I imagine this type of effort would be much more effective with Kasama which has gotten beyond many of the shortcomings that the RW had.

  • Guest - Fatima

    I am one of the many that always feels a little ambivalent around Turkey day and am glad that you used my amateur blog entry as one perspective on this ambivalence that obviously runs deep with others as well.

    "A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America" by Ronald Takaki, talks in depth about Native Americans, European imperialism, the emergence of "America" as we know it, Native American genocide, and the challenges other immigrant groups faced after coming to America - and relates well with this topic if anyone is interested!

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