Kasama FAQ

Q: What is Kasama Social?

A: Kasama Social is a social network built into the framework of the site. It allows participants in the Kasama site to have horizontal communication, real time chat, groups for focused study and organizing, and more. Kasama wants to encourage horizontal connections between participants in the revolutionary movement. We have often discussed the value of harnassing "many to many" as part of new forms of radical organizatioin. We have tried to develop Kasama Social to help with that.

Q: What is Open Threads?

A: An open platform where anyone with an account on the new site can blog about news, revolutionary theory, and more.

Q: What is the moderation policy on Open Threads?

A: We'll moderate as problems emerge. Please don't fspam or abuse this channel, or flood it with too many posts. Unprincipled posts about the internal life of organizations or personal attacks will be removed (and could result in a ban). We want a culture of high level debate and struggle, not low unprincipled personal attacks.

Q: How does the chat work?

There is a Facebook-style real-time chat once you make an account. It also supports group chat rooms for study groups and meetings. We're also looking at ways to give people a way to add our chat interface to programs like Pidgin and mobile apps.

Q: Where do I access to old Kasama site?

We're having an issue with our domain providor, and are having to transfer it to a new company. In about one week, the old site will be accessible from http://archive.kasamaproject.org

Q: How secure are messages stored on Kasama's servers?

A: More secure than the servers controlled by Google or Facebook, but you shouldn't rely on that. Nothing on our servers is encrypted. The best policy is to assume that all communications are public.

Q: I never got a verification email after I registered?

A: Check your spam folder. When we launched, a lot of our emails were going to spam. That should now be fixed, but some of the earliest signups still had their emails go to the spam folder. If you're still having trouble, send us a heads up using the Contact form. We can manually activate you.

Q: My avatar disappeared?

A: Give it a day or so and see if they come back. Our host disabled access to some of them during an attempt to hack our website. Most have come back.

Q: Someone attempted to hack the new Kasama site?

A: Yeah. It was the cause for some of our down time. To be attacked by the enemy is a good thing, it shows we've accomplished a great deal in our work.


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