A Complete Guide to the Post-Rapture Future

The following originally appeared on Everything is Terrible. It features cartoonish claims about the Christian rapture happening during the year 2000. As fundamentalist Christians have one again begun claiming that the Christian rapture will occur on May 21, 2011, it is worth re-visiting.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/7072682 w=400&h=300]

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  • Guest - Tell No Lies

    Here is the truly sad part: There are dozens of groups led by clowns like this that each have more followers than all the self-identified socialist and communist groups in this country combined. If that isn't an argument for the urgent work of reconceiving revolutionary communist politics, I don't know what is.

    Or you can hedge your bets and sign up for the post-rapture looting party -- http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=121968371215699 -- which seems to me heavily contingent on the dubious proposition that even if there is a rapture that it will be the fundamentalist Christians and not Bahais or Zen Buddhists that get beamed up. If it is the fundamentalists though I've definitely got dibs on my downstairs neighbor's sweet jazz collection.

  • Guest - Sheitan Uldoleh

    On Hollywood and Highland there are two gangs talking about 2011 and, 2012.
    some like this dude demand selling their junk too and asking for money. People have never received a penny from these heaven goers.

    In Eric Von Denikens Chariots of God (and other writings) there is talk of Elijah's book and in the least, some should demand money return and sue these parentless idiots and, banning their existence if on designated days nothing comes around since, they are terrorizing the society.

  • Guest - dodge

    15% go to church at least once a month, in UK...it's very simple "when yer dead...yer dead!" is the unshakeable belief. Crude and vulgar truth it maybe. English workers have no stomach for lecturing or moralizing, We saw through the giving money to the roman church to buy your way into heaven(or quick exit from hell) for what it was:a 'cheap' con. Several hundred years ago it was banned along with selling of relics. An industry needs gullible consumers if the product never turns up, as promised. 2 workmates same coin 2 sides ...one gave 10% of his wages to his church. The other was a pastor in some African outfit and drove a new BMW. Plain for all to see.

    Another workpal, a son of an agriculural labourer(hired yearly) used to attend the church of the masters denomination with large family in tow. One year it might be Baptist the next Anglican and so on. Another as young girl remembers being scolded for not touching her forelock to the local vicar, along with the landowner. Those days are long gone! The city and anonymity put paid to much of the coercion.

    As for me at home, Sundays, I like nothing better than visiting an old church after a days birdwatching. In wifeys part of the world, until doomsday or one of our departures, my Sundays are taken care of. I sit in the nippa hut by a cooling fan and they sweat it out indoors letting rip

    with hymns, thankfully they all can hold a note. It would be hellish torture otherwise..........

    American tv evangelicals...what can one say? I have laughed at many spoofs...but they never quite measure up on the comedy of the 'real thing'.


    CREEPY? 21st century, AWAY WITH ALL PESTS! We need religion ,like a hole in the head.

  • Guest - bobh

    I'm a caregiver for an elderly christian, and these two personalities are still on the air with the same schtick, albeit better hair. To be fair, the video above seems to be heavily edited to make it even less coherent than the original programming.

    Chairman Gonzalo used to say that the masses follow those who affirm, not those who doubt. The sad fact is that the average preacher is better at this than most communists I've met in the U.S. Listen to a sermon by John Hagee if you want to see how effective (and scary) affirmation of the irrational can be.

    Personally I think ridiculing religiousity is a good way to further alienate people who have real and potential contradictions with capitalism and to self-isolate into a comfort zone of the politically hip but disconnected. It would be very interesting to explore a style of liberation theology suited to American conditions, which might actually open some doors.

  • Guest - Labor Shall Rule

    While I know it is the number one way to avoid Christian burial and a ticket to the pearly white gates (particularly in the more textual variants that fall for rapture theology) I am definitely afraid that the events of Saturday could lead to mass suicide.

    Why would so many invest so much of their time (and money, to finance billboards, yard-signs, etc.) to campaigning for this event if they didn't believe that it could happen? I just hope that they are just temporal victims of group-think, and that they won't take what they read too literally.

  • Guest - Sheitan Uldoleh

    Liberation theology has its merits if believers omit the heaven and hell nonsense

    G Jacob e mailed me this

    Stephen Hawking says afterlife is a fairy story - Yahoo! News


  • Guest - dodge

    ..What joy, Sheitan, your above link provided!

    'There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.'

    Well that news brought out the 'big guns'....Arch-bishop of Canterbury, a Cardinal, the Chief Rabbi and an Imman, not to mention a score of catholic placemen embedded in our free press, trotted out and put on our TV screens as experts.

    Last time we saw so many of they were trying to put the clock back on Abortion. They failed miserably.

    Now I wonder what the good professors take on the Earth being created in 6 days is......?!

  • Guest - eric ribellarsi

    Fuck. It looks like I got left behind.

  • Guest - dodge

    Wifey's taken the BACO foil down from the windows. She's folding it up neatly for next time...........

  • Guest - dodge

    "The delay was a further test from God to persevere in their faith."

    Most plausable exscuse so far by a country mile...still I admire one fellow, he got in his truck, crossed a continent to California, leaving his job. As he rightly said" no point working that week, if I WONT get paid!!"

  • Guest - bill martin

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