Everything 4 Everyone Festival: Seattle August 11-12

The weekend is coming.

The schedule is online.

Saturday 11am - 7pm: Workshops

 Jefferson Park (3801 Beacon Avenue S.)

Sunday 4 pm: Plenary

A discussion of strategy and revolution Seattle First Baptist Church (1111 Harvard Ave.)


  • Kali Akuno (Malcom X Grassroots Movement),
  • Sopiko Japaridze (Take Back the Block, Winter Has Its End),
  • Geoff MC ( Former Bring the Ruckus),
  • Mike Ely (Kasama Project)

8:30pm: Screening of the “Commune,” Highline Bar on Capitol Hill (210 Broadway East)

followed by live DJs and a closing dance party.

For more information about Saturday’s events at Jefferson Park, including bus routes, parking, and what to bring, click here.


Here is some local coverage of the event from The Stranger (some details are a bit off, but the coverage is nonetheless interesting.):



The Everything for Everyone Festival

posted by  on THU, AUG 9, 2012 at 10:14 AM


Last week, while I was down at the federal courthouse working on this story, a man (youngish) and a woman (not-so-youngish) approached me about the first-ever Everything for Everyone festival—a free, two-day event with music, lectures, workshops, etc. this weekend.

The young man, Blake Pendergrass, said the EFE festival was the first of its kind in the country and they'd have people coming in from Occupy communities in Chicago, Oakland, New York, and many other cities.

Saturday's events will happen in Jefferson Park on Beacon Hill—which the EFE festival is temporarily renaming "Sally Hemmings" Park—and its centerpiece event will be a panel called "Beyond the Gaystream: Why Equality Does Not Equal Liberation." Sunday's events will happen at Seattle First Baptist Church on First Hill and its main event, at 4 pm, sounds like the most incendiary one: "From Down with Mubarak to Down with the 1%, a Discussion of Strategy and Revolution."

That session, Pendergrass told me, would be a conversation/debate between the moderate-liberals who support Occupy and the radicals: a heated subject in Seattle since the Occupy movement first erupted.

It says something about our city—though I'm not exactly sure what—that these camps exchange so much vitriol. The Occupy movement in Oakland, for example, seems more unabashedly radical. OWS in New York seemed to get those two centers of gravity to peacefully coexist in a cosmopolitan, New York way. But in Seattle, the moderates and the radicals have been at each other's throats.

I'll be out of town, but if I could attend one event at the Everything for Everyone festival, it would be Sunday at 4 pm. The whole schedule is here.




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  • Guest - correction

    The debate described above, between liberals and radicals is actually referring to this (on Saturday at the park:

    12:45pm Overthrow Dictatorship Or Perfect Democracy
    A Discussion Between the Commons And 'Get Money Out of Politics'

    This panel will feature a variety of perspectives on how to change society, democracy, and the economy, or how to foment revolution. How, in the current moment, do we build movements? How do we
    interact with electoral politics? And how do we make an actually better world? This panel will engage in discussing capitalism and reform, the Democratic Party, democracy and rising movements. It aims to have dialog and debate on a variety of perspectives, revealing commonality and disagreements within Occupy.

  • Guest - anewworldispossible

    A great time to create something new!

  • Guest - moz

    Good to see all the presentations well attended - learned about Greece, the environmental crisis, the state and what's possible outside of it - so much to take in there - the music was very good - didn't get to hear them all but Rogue Pinay stood out strong.

  • Guest - Miles Ahead

    For all of us who were unable to attend, we're anxious to hear more!

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