A glimpse: The White House and "the political left"

Valerie Jarrett is known as the chief liaison of Obama with key force s in society. The New York Times (Sept. 2) described her powerful behind-the-scenes portfolio as the political connection with  "business, state and local governments and the political left."

In the course of a major article in the NYT, there was a brief window into how this White House views "the political left" -- and how Jarrett does her job.

Here is a glimpse of someone specifically assigned by that White House to pummel "the political left" toward more pliant service to the center of power.

This passage also contains a self-snapshot of Cornel West, the radical Black academic.

Dr. Cornel West with Barack Obama

"Ms. Jarrett was similarly 'livid,' one former White House official said, with members of the Congressional Black Caucus who accused the president of paying insufficient attention to the particular economic woes of blacks. When the writer and academic Cornel West joined in, calling Mr. Obama the 'black mascot of Wall Street,' Ms. Jarrett's response was 'ruthless,' Dr. West said.

"He recalled a phone call in which she dismissed his criticism as sour grapes for not receiving a ticket to the inauguration, and said he later heard from friends that she was putting out the word that 'One, I was crazy, and two, I was un-American.'

"'It was a matter of letting me know that I was, in her view, way out of line and that I needed to get in line,' he said in an interview. 'I conveyed to her: "I'm not that kind of Negro. I'm a Jesus-loving black man who tells the truth, in the White House, in the crack house, or any other house." She got real quiet. It was clear that she was not used to being spoken to that way.'"

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