Quick update: Chicago teachers strike suspended, struggle continues


Quick update: Chicago teachers strike suspended, struggle continues

Posted by Mike E on September 19, 2012

by Rita Stephanie

I was with a group of teachers this evening as I got the text message. We were fifteen teachers in a graduate class listening to a lecture, but all of us distractedly thinking about our fellow teachers who were debating and deliberating whether to continue or suspend the strike.

My phone vibrates.

I get the text and announce to the class the results of the vote. Teachers vote to suspend the strike. The teachers that I was with had a collective sigh of relief. Everyone was very happy to be going back to their students.

The immediate mood was the strike is over, but the struggle isn’t.

The teachers I was with were from mainly Spanish-speaking schools on the Southwest side, African American schools on the South and West sides and some gentrifying schools in the Logan Square area of Chicago.

We were glad to be together. We talked for a few minutes about the debates at our various schools. Out of our group three schools had voted to stay on strike and eight had voted to suspend. Everyone felt that the process was democratic and the union did a good job of allowing all voices to be heard. Everyone is convinced that the struggle is not over.

Tomorrow we are back to school.

We don’t know what the future holds. I am hopeful. The bonds that have been developed during the strike at my school are tight. We know that big challenges are on the horizon and I for one look forward to fighting them with these thoughtful, determined and fun educators!

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