The emergence of Occupy Boston

Radical Eyes writes: or Google "Occupy [your city]" and find out how you can get in on the action in your city!"

We urge readers to participate in the discussions and plans happening everywhere. And share what they learn, do and see with us here on Kasama. Earlier today, the following was posted as a comment: or Google "Occupy [your city]" and find out how you can get in on the action in your city!

If you can't make it to any occupation, please get ready to donate money for legal defense, bring clothes, sleeping bags, tents, to occupiers, and SPREAD THE WORD. This thing is going WAY beyond Wall St. and is bringing the energy from the mass uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Israel, Syria, Bahrain, and Yemen to the United Fucking States of America!

Occupy Everywhere!

Dig in.

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  • Guest (rst2536)


    It follows from our exploitation,
    No matter gender, race, or creed,
    That working people have no nation
    So are best placed at routing GREED.
    Like capital we’re international;
    Unlike it though we can be rational.
    If we can put class in first place
    We will arise a human race.
    But only after revolutions
    Have turned the world all upside down
    And capital has lost its crown,
    Will workers’ co-ops’ contributions
    Make any sense; but then you’ll see
    What turns an “I” into a “We.”

    * This “poem” argues that, as Marx argued, despite all differences working people, the world over, have ONE BIG THING in common: their exploitation. It does not mean that we are not divided by a host of differences. But unless communists bring this ONE BIG THING to the forefront we will never have a basis for overcoming these differences. This is the special task assigned to communists.

    Please see more at

  • Guest (Lorraine Schmidt)

    Right on, Boston - hang in's growing everywhere! See if this helps get the fire going:!8F6180D8-B187-4EAA-8742-81EC5F514F0B