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Occupied Wall Street Journal

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  • Guest - a friend

    Those guys doing great in wall street. In Los Angeles, to screw day and night fighter's nerves they have made it a rule now that at sometimes like late night people have to move their tents off of the grass area and, place their whereabouts in the side walk area. then 6:30 am again the "may" get back to that grassy place so pedestrians can walk and pass by!
    But after all, this is only a minute trying of the people of Amerikkka... We've got long way to go, tasks to fulfill, thing to do and promises to keep, before we're asleep!

  • Guest - Thomas

    Why is it so difficult to provide a simple pdf online without logging in to facebook, scribd, google etc.?

  • thomas: wordpress format limits the size of uploads. So the pdfs are in google doc.

  • Guest - Thomas

    I see. It is funny, how difficult it is nowadays to publish a file. But I did not complain about you: I googled for the PDF and all I can find are links to downloads behind a login curtain. A couple of years ago, one would have placed such a file just on a webserver to be available to everyone and not only for members.

    It seems, that there is not only a greed for money, but also one for profiles :-( So the big companies want everything we have: our money and our lives.

    Have a nice weekend.

  • Guest - Rebekah Copas

    Years ago at a student occupation of the administrative building of a university, I learned first hand, that what they say about the Paris Commune, is true. Jesus blessings upon all who reclaim the land to make our economies more accountable.

  • Guest - Gabriel Fair

    You can find the original PDF Occupied Wall Street Journal complete with color key here:

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