#S17, Occupy Year Two: All Roads Lead to Wall Street


#S17, Occupy Year Two: All Roads Lead to Wall Street

Posted by onehundredflowers on September 16, 2012

This comes from occupywallst.org.

Another World is Possible! #S17 

#OccupyWallStreet was born Sept. 17, 2011, when we occupied the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District to declare: “We are the 99%! We will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%!”

Our message resonated across the globe as countless sister occupations rose up in solidarity. With the whole world watching, a terrified 1% threw everything they could at us, but in so doing, they exposed not only the violence and deceit necessary to maintain systemic inequality, but also the tragic truth that our so-called democratic governments were in fact tools of the very 1% we had organized to resist. In city after city, we were demonized, brutalized, and evicted – but the 1% made one crucial error: in their arrogance, they assumed they’d won.

The 1% can never win; they are (by their own design) hopelessly outnumbered. Another world is not only possible, it is unstoppable. We, the 99%, are on the right side of history.

One year, and over 7,000 arrests later, we are still fighting. We are not afraid, and we will never, ever, quit.

Join us September 15-17, 2012 for three days of education, celebration, and resistance!

For more information and schedule of most events in NYC, visit S17NYC.org. See below for an evolving list of Occupy one-year-anniversary related events, actions, and additional resources in NYC and other cities.

NYC Event Invites & Calls to Action

9/13-9/16: Action Trainings and Meeting Schedule
9/15-9/17: Assembly Schedule
9/15-9/17: Occupy Town Square: OWS Anniversary Convergence Weekend
9/15: Autonomous Anti-Capitalist March with Direct Action NYC
9/15: March to End Suppression of OWS
9/15: The Debt Resistors’ Operations Manual
9/15-9/16: Occupy: The Film Festival
9/16: Spectra Frack Pipeline Blast Zone March with Occupy Guitarmy
9/16: Occupy Guitarmy OWS Anniversary concert
9/16: DecoloNYC: The New POC Activism
9/16: Occupy Rosh Hashanah
9/16: Autonomous FTP March
9/17 (6am): – Early morning Bike Ride w/ OWS Bike Coalition
9/17 (7am-10am): Mass action in the financial district — The People’s Wall99 Revolutions, and Storm Wall Street
Affinity Groups & Actions:

9/17 (noon): The 99% Return to Wall Street
9/17 (2pm): What are your 99 Solutions?
9/17 (6pm): Popular Assembly
9/18-9/22: Free University

Online Organizing Spaces & Resources

S17: International Convergence of the 99% on Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street First Anniversary Convergance Guide
Donate to Support S17: Action Resource Fund
Postcards from the 99 Percent – Support S17 without leaving home!

Transportation and Housing for NYC

FB Group for People in the Pacific NW Coming to NYC – More info from Occupy Portland
Occupy Maine Coming to NYC and their fundraising page
Fundraising to Help Occupy Los Angeles Come to NYC
Where to Park that Bus . . . 
Vermonters going to NYC on S17 – The Green Mountain Bloc Takes Wall Street!

Solidarity Events Outside NYC

California: Occupy San Francisco S17 One Year Anniversary | Occupy SF Foreclosure and Eviction Track
Canada: S.O.S. – September 17 – Sick Out / Shutdown
Colorado: Occupy Denver S17: Foreclosure Dance Party @ Wells Fargo / After Party
The Netherlands: Occupy Amsterdam 1 Year of Occupy on S17
Nevada: Occupy One Year Anniversary in Reno and Carson City, Nevada
North Carolina: Occupy Raleigh marks OWS at One Year
Rhode Island: Occupy Providence rally Sunday at noon in Burnside Park, followed by occupation at State House until Monday night
France: Festival des Indignées 15-20 September, Paris
Washington: Occupy Seattle #S17 Silent Flash March

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