Stop FBI Repression -- SDS Nat'l Day of Action Tues. Jan 25, 2011

Kasama received the following announcement. On September 24th, 2010 the FBI carried out raids on seven activists' homes and the office of the Minneapolis-based Anti-War Committee. Along with these raids, fourteen people were delivered subpoenas to serve before a grand jury, including our sister Tracy Molm, active member of Students for a Democratic Society at the University of MN. Nationwide, activists throughout many sectors have come together to protest and demand an end to the ongoing harassment and intimidation of anti-war and international solidarity activists.

In December 2010, under the direction of U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, the FBI delivered 9 new subpoenas in Chicago to anti-war and Palestine solidarity activists – bringing the total number of subpoenaed activists to 23. Patrick Fitzgerald’s office is ordering the 9 to appear at a Grand Jury in Chicago on January 25. In response, the Committee to Stop FBI Repression is calling for protests across the country and around the world to show solidarity with the subpoenaed activists.

It is clear to us that the FBI is engaging in a fishing expedition with the aims of criminalizing and squashing any dissent against U.S. imperialism. Students for a Democratic Society stands in solidarity with all anti-war and international solidarity activists, and any activist who holds in mind the necessity for real change in our system. We unite with the Committee to Stop FBI Repression's call to protest on the 25th of January and we are calling on SDS chapters throughout the nation to do the same.

Protest, Chalk your campus, hand out flyers, write articles! Stand together for progressive activists on January 25th! Don't let our rights be taken away!

Email to let us know what your chapter plans to do!

Please visit to view the Committee to Stop FBI Repression's full call to action

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