RT News Interview: Phillip Neel describes SWAT Raid

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  • Guest - Red_Rat

    I have been following Kasama for quite some time and noticed that you like to post videos from RT (Russia Today). They love to talk about police brutalities in Western countries, but did they tell about what happened in Moscow in recent months when hundreds of people where arrested?

  • Guest - The_Media

    I think most people are aware of biases of outlets like Russia Today. Of course, in the US, "our" media ignores repression at home (when it can), while focusing on rebellion/state repression in other countries (like Russia or Iran) who are considered by the American state as enemy states or hostile to the interests of US business and its foreign policy.

    In the late summer of 2008, the US national media were acutely focused on Russian repression of anti-Putin protesters (in Moscow, I think) who were rounded up, put on buses and shipped away to cages. Literally the same thing happened before the Democratic National Convention a few weeks later, with nary a word or analysis in American media with regards to the fact that it clearly was a form political repression on par with what was decried in other places.

    Clearly, this hypocrisy and bias is not news to many. The question has more to do with when/how/if to take advantage of mainstream media's reach/impact (without illusions about the particular interests or biases of various capitalist media outlets around the world). Decentralized social media has changed the game for how the few media conglomerates report/ignore/respond to news (and it allows people to quickly expose the lies and hypocrisy of the media).

    In this instance, RT (combined with social media and modern technology), despite the fact that it representing the interests of the Russian Oligarchy, provided a quick opportunity to respond and raise awareness internationally about this incident.

  • Guest - Gregory A. Butler

    Somebody needs to coach Phil Neel on how to do a TV appearance.

    Being on television and interacting with the reporter that's trying to interview you is not a natural thing and it's easy to get wrong. Between the gigantor headphones and Neel constantly stepping on the reporter's lines, he did not do well at all here, even though the RT reporter was throwing him softball questions.

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