EMERGENCY: Fight to save the life of Kevin Rashid Johnson (Update)

Update: Kasama has received word that Rashid was in fact drugged against his will (but not by whom). He is now stabilizing. New x-rays have confirmed that he does not have any razer blades in his system, he has returned to drinking liquieds, and his urine has returned to normal.

Rashid has said that he is still being denied access to his literature, his mail, and his ability to write letters. People are encouraged to continue pressuring the prison to demand the he receive these things.

Kevin Rashid Johnson is a political prisoner and leader of a prison organization called the New Afrikan Black Panther Party. He is an outspoken communist revolutionary whose life is in danger.

Kasama recieved the following from zzzzz:

CALL IMMEDIATELY: 541-881-5000 and then press "0"


inspector general's line: (877) 678-4222 

number for the or-doc: 503-945-9090. they're open 8am-5pm.

Kevin Johnson #19370490
777 Stanton Blvd.
Ontario, OR 97914

I have not heard from Rashid for about two weeks, which is surprising, because he normally sends me 2 or 3 letters a week, sometimes for other prisoners. I just received a letter written Feb. 11, at Rashid's request, by another Snake River prisoner, xxxxx. xxxxx's letter begins as follows (edited for spelling etc):

"This is about Rashid. We need a lot of help. They are trying to kill him. On Jan. 31 they put something in his food that made him crazy. On Feb. 2 he took 30 pills. They did not do anything to get the pills out of him.... On Jan. 4 [sic; I assume he means Feb. 4] he ate 3 razor blades. This is all on videotape. They lied and said the X-ray showed nothing. The [blades] are still in him right now. He has not eaten since Feb. 3. He has not drunk anything since Feb. 5.... He is passing out and they won't do anything to help him.... Said he is the one that won't eat or drink so they are not helping him at all. He is peeing blood and has bad kidney pains.... Med staff will not give him IV fluids.... [As of Feb. 10 he had] lost over 16 pounds. His blood pressure is 191/100 and his urine is the color of coffee...."

I phoned Snake River immediately. If you want to speak with anyone, you have to dial 541-881-5000 and then press "0". I left messages with his counselor, Alice Tomlinson and also with a staff member named José Delgado. So far I have not heard back from either of them. I then called again, saying that it's an emergency and I needed to speak to someone who would pick up (I mentioned the warden's office). They connected me with a Sergeant Di Andrea. He looked up Rashid on his computer and said he was "all right"; I said I wanted to know more specifically, so he put me back onto the counselor's answering machine. Obviously he is not "all right"; on the other hand, I think that if he had died, they would have had to tell me. I will keep trying. We should make many calls, reaching as high up as possible.

There are obviously a lot of questions here. How could it have been on videotape? How could he have obtained all those pills? etc etc. The idea that he would try to destroy himself is totally out of character; on the other hand, I suppose that with certain kinds of drug, many strange things are possible. Let's all stay in touch if we get any news.

I am sending this both to the listserv and to the individual addresses I have, just to make sure everyone gets it.

Ironically, just 2 days ago I mailed Rashid the proofs for the article of his that we will be publishing in the July issue of Socialism and Democracy.

Let's all write to him (address below). Even if the letters aren't delivered, the officials will know that a lot of people are ready to protest whatever abuses they inflict.


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  • I just called. The phone operating cop claims they "cannot pass on complaints because the situation is medical and they aren't allowed to hear from me on that."

    I encourage others to continue calling and placing pressure on them. Additionally, does anyone have information on how to reach the medical facilities of the prison?

  • A comrade has just let me know that for over a month, Rashid has not been receiving the mail they've been sending him, and vice-versa.

    This is more evidence of a possible orchestrated plan and attack to both silence and now murder Rashid.

  • This sounds similar to what I've read regarding the anti-malarial drug, mefloquine.

    Questions have been raised about the use of this anti-malarial drug for illegal and secret experiments.

    High dosages were given to all detainees, including David Hicks, to stop the spread of malaria. But it was not given to staff brought into the centre from malaria-endemic countries.

    Army doctor Remington Nevin said mass administration of the drug in such high doses to people who are asymptomatic or uninfected was akin to ''pharmacologic waterboarding''.

    Anti-malaria drugs were used for experimental research by the CIA in the 1950s under its MK-ULTRA mind control program, according to research by independent news outlet Truthout. The US Food and Drug Administration product guide says it can cause mental health problems, including anxiety, hallucinations, depression and unusual behaviour. It has been linked to brain injuries, suicidal and homicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety.

    Pretty fucked up shit.

  • Guest - FAITH

    Kevin Johnson is potentially the recipient of cruel and inhumane treatment at the hands of the prison facility in which he is currently housed.

    Whether the allegations are true or not, I am not sure but they are surely serious and after many phone calls I was able to speak with the assistant to the superintendent of the prison and formally began the process to initiate an investigation.




    Snake River Correctional Institution: 541 881 - 5000

    Press ext. 15 (OTHER INQUIRIES)

    Then Press: ext. 8 (SUPERINTENDENT)


    Her email : jill.ecurtis@doc.state.or.us

    The direct complaint email: SRCIINFO@DOC.STATE.OR.US


    To enforce, also call again but to these extensions:

    Snake River Correctional Institution: 541 881 - 5000

    Press ext. 15 (OTHER INQUIRIES)


    -Left Message with JOE CAPS


    Snake River Correctional Institution: 541 881 - 5000

    Press ext. 15 (OTHER INQUIRIES)

    Then Press: ext. 7 (SECURITY)



    Also please call "POPULATION MANAGEMENT"

    at: 503 378 6188



    Please call these people and express your concern for the wellbeing of Kevin Johnson and the allegations of inhumane treatment at their facility.

    The more people called and involved on their end, the better. And the more people that call to show their support and concern, the more certain it is that they will take this seriously and move to ensure his proper treatment.

    Thank you anyone that shares this and thank you anyone that takes the time to call and ensure the wellbeing and safety of their fellowman and freedom fighter.

    ♥ Thank you ♥


  • Guest - Anon

    Now what would you guys do if a man of a different political ideology than yours was in this same situation?

  • Anon: your question is an absurd straw man argument. There is a long history of the assassination of revolutionary leaders. These assassinations affect the lives of many people beyond those individual leaders. They ice the political atmosphere and prevent political resistance.

    Of course we would oppose an attempted murder by the state on someone whose politics we didn't agree with. Radical people do all of the time. But that is not what this discussion is about.

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  • Guest - Anon

    In reply to: eric ribellarsi

    Thank you by not trying to insult me like the other guest.

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  • We try to keep a culture of debate and struggle that can get at the underlying questions instead of becoming an internet flame-war.

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  • Guest - FAITH

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    You asked "what would you guys do if a man of a different political ideology than yours was in this same situation?"

    ::: The same thing. *No one* deserves to be treated inhumanely.

    /// *I personally do not prescribe to any one political ideology. However, I unite for peace, justice, equality and betterment and with all who desire to see whats in the best interest of mankind and our future generations on this Earth.


  • Guest - atrs

    I got through on the or-doc line after leaving a message for the inspector general. The person who answered asked me if this was regarding "Mr Johnson" before I even said Kevin's name. She would not divulge anything about his status citing HPAA, but said that somebody would return my call (doubtful).

    Let's all keep on calling to let them know they are being watched and apply pressure.

  • Guest - Giulia

    This is blatant injustice and shows how some are above the law. Set him free.

  • Guest - Ioan-Radu Tanasescu

    The call won't work for me because I don live in the U.S., obviously there is cause for concern and that man, whatever his political views may be, deserves proper treatment.

    Yes, the people who live in the U.S. should call, or even try to put pressure somewhere higher up the ladder to help him, but make no mistake: communism is a plague, a disease and terror. It is a cancer that will eat any society it touches. There have been 23 years since communism was taken down in my country and the wounds left by it are still festering.

    Help him because you're human beings and as a human bing also he deserves fair treatment. But stay clear of his cause. Communism kills your soul, your freedom and your passion.

  • Guest - FAITH

    An update from http://rashidmod.com :

    "Rashid thinks thinks the best people to contact would be Doug Yancey, the security threat manager for the Oregon Department of Corrections, and C. Schultz, the security threat manager at Snake River. They are the ones who made this decision to deprive him of his personal belongings.

    As soon as we have phone numbers for Yancey and Schultz, we will post them here."


  • Guest - patricia perkins

    In reply to: Guest - FAITH

    Contact ACLU - they have done some wonderful stuff, regarding inmates rights, to both, what they are entitled to and safety issues, as well as medical...... Hope this helps all of concern.....

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