Brief Kasama Report on Prachanda New School Event

by RedFlags

Prachanda the revolutionary leader of Nepal's revolution spoked to a packed hall on September 26 at New York's New School -- a major center of international studies. In terms of who was visibly present at the event, there was a fairly even mix of NGO types, UN folks including Ian Martin, Nepalese national organizations (including from the Terrai), Maoists and some students.

There were supporters of the Kasama Project, Freedom Road Socialist Organization (Refoundation), many former members of the RCYB, the Poor Righteous Party, and some current supporters of the RCP (who remained silent throughout the event).

Outside, literature was distributed by Kasama, the Brecht Forum, the United Nations Mission in Nepal, and the Philadelphia-based Poor Righteous Party. There were also a couple folks selling the RCP’s Revolution newspaper, which consisted of their recent 16-page manifesto (and its criticisms of all things not Avakian).

Kasama had a team of seven people from several cities actively distributing flyers. We handed out 300 that  describing our Kasama project, and our Internationalist Info effort around the revolutions of India and Nepal. (We will post this flyer tomorrow for others to download.) We also had a literature table that drew some interst.

There were also advocates for the position of the Dalai Lama and his exiled lamaist organizations.

Unlike the event hosted by the International Action Center, which I did not attend, this talk was not geared to a left audience or even the general public.

The introduction by Anthony Arato was about normalizing states during situations of regime transition, which is something Mr. Arato apparently specializes in. The moderator of the event, also from the New School’s international program, was a former UN official (I believe with UNICEF) and was Nepalese.

And in this sense, it was fascinating. The lucid analysis from Arato, who was not a partisan and took the existing international order as a fact, was worth listening to. He had a grasp of the balance of forces in Nepal and regionally, and seemed mostly concerned that Prachanda and the CPN-M adopt pragmatic, developmentalist approaches. Definitely check out the entire program and not just the parts with Prachanda.

We had a gathering of Maoist forces at a local pub afterwards to celebrate and talk, drawing twenty people who had been at the event.

Also, I heard that the audio from the IAC sponsored welcome to Prachanda has been made available…

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