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This article was written two years ago,originally written as a critique of Pham Binh's support for U.S. intervention in Syria. The exchange concentrated controversies breaking out in parts of the U.S. left.

Now we are focused on U.S. re-intervention in Iraq. But here too there are pulls (in some places) to support U.S. bombing, or to support the U.S. White House DESPITE its imperialism.

The U.S. continues to generate new warcrimes, and we all continue to face a deep responsibility to rally people against them. 

"One of the key tasks of any revolutionary movement is to systematically expose the core institutions, figures and interests that define the existing system. It is an inflexible task. Any movement that is not clear on that cannot and will not ever train forces to make a revolution...

We (in our time and place) have a special and distinct task in regard to U.S. imperialism. We are in the belly of this beast, in the heart of the empire — and the demagogic lies of the U.S. government have an especially great influence among the people..."


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Today the ruling classes celebrate the 100th anniversary of the  inaugural day of the 1st world War.To revolutionaries we have to stand in condemnation of this declaration of war which represented the conspiracy of the ruling class leaders and governments of major world powers like Germany, Austria, England, France Etc.They connived against the interests of their peoples welfare by whipping up nationalistic jingoism and the people of the world fell a prey to their war-mongering.British workers racial prejudices were steamed up against people of colonial countries.Instead of identifying with the interest of the workers of the colonial countries like India greater racial enmity was whipped up. One of the most amazing things was that even M.K.Gandhi supported the British efforts calling for India to support the British war efforts. This depicts the political character of Gandhi and the Congress.

The lessons the 1st world war taught us is how Imperialism uses war to promote its interests and how leaders of countries use war to divert people of their basic interests.Lenin learnt some most invaluable lessons during the 1st world war ,particularly on the political nature of the working class and how subservient they were to ruling class propaganda. Infact it was Lenin’s mastery of revolutionary dialectics that enabled him to win the Russian workers towards the Bolshevik party.The 1st world war taught us the lessons of inter-colonial rivalry  i the 1st world war.Lenin developed his colonial thesis on the many lessons he gained from the Ist world war  particularly on the inter-imperialist rivalry for world markets. He analyzed how in actual fact they all conspired together to defeat the interest of the working class.Historically the Russian Revolution  won because of the  brilliant tactics of the Bolshevik party during the war ,making the Russian soldiers retreat.

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The following article is A Word to Win News Service.

Palestine now: the situation and mood in the West Bank 

14 July 2014. A World to Win News Service. The following are edited notes of a conversation with three feminist academics who have just returned from a visit to occupied Palestine.

We arrived two days after the bodies of the three kidnapped settler youth were found. The Israeli authorities had been blockading Palestinian communities and arresting people before that, with the excuse that they were looking for the three, but after that it got worse. What we saw was collective punishment on a mass scale, resulting in the arrest of at least 700 people, many of whom had been in prison before. The security forces had lists of people they were looking for. These raids were a way of creating an atmosphere of terror.

Our first night was in East Jerusalem. Israeli settlers, in this case often recent immigrants from the U.S., as well Russia and Eastern Europe, are moving into Palestinian neighbourhoods and forcing the inhabitant out. Local Palestinians identified many of the settlers in the Old City as yeshiva (Jewish religious school) students. There are also whole families with young children. The women are in a "permanent state of pregnancy", with multiple young children in many families. 

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The following article comes from Alakhbar English.

Israel’s "knock on the roof" policy: A three-minute race with death

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Whether this is a warning about FBI harassment, A history of the 1980s or just my ego-tistical take on this time period and the anti-imperialist campaigns—I can’t really say. So here it is. 

“Surely, no government can be expected to foster its own subversion, but in a democracy such a right is vested in the people (i.e. in the majority of the people). This means that the ways should not be blocked on which a subversive majority could develop, and if they are blocked by organized repression and indoctrination, their reopening may require apparently undemocratic means.” - Herbert Marcuse[1]

For most of the 1980 decade peace groups were involved in Central American solidarity work. Most of that work focused on defending the revolution in Nicaragua and the armed struggles in El Salvador and Guatemala. Activists were able to get large crowds together from around the country to oppose President Ronald Reagan’s repressive policies in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

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