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Terror & lies: Israel unleashes brutal pogrom against Gaza

“Free Free Palestine! Down Down Israel!”

by ISH

Wednesday's direct Israeli hit on four young children playing football on a Gaza beach tells a story.

It epitomizes the entire disgusting episode in occupied Palestine that has unfolded since the collapse of so-called peace talks earlier this year. Western journalists witnessed the precision targeting of the four children by the Israeli naval forces who blockade the Gaza coastline. Pictures of the tiny torn bodies being carried away from the scene filled the internet.


A dozen rockets were fired across the Gaza-Israel border yesterday, while an Israeli was killed. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used the death as a lame excuse to relaunch Operation Protective Edge and continue the relentless assault on the Gaza Strip.

He asserts that he has no choice but to retaliate. In his mind Hamas's actions mean a scuttling of the shaky cease-fire, a cease-fire which Hamas has only just now learned about.

Contrast that single Israeli causality, however tragic, with the overall death toll from Israel's brutal military campaign against the Palestinian people: 194+ people, many of them innocent men, women, and children unaffiliated with Hamas finding themselves caught in the crossfire. [1]

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" was discovered that one of the authors of the [Facebook] platform’s mind study, Jeffrey T. Hancock of Cornell University, also received funding from the Pentagon’s so-called Minerva Research Initiative to conduct a similar study entitled ‘Modeling Discourse and Social Dynamics in Authoritarian Regimes’."

Originally posted at Russia Today.

Facebook's experiment on over half-a-million unsuspecting users has taken a new twist with the revelation that a researcher connected to a Department of Defense-funded program to use the military to quell civil unrest also participated in the study.



The Supreme court has ruled that companies don't have to obey legal government mandates they don't like if they have religious-moral objections.

 And you hear every rightwing jerk explain (in real life or TV) "




The religious beliefs of business owners are more important than the health of women workers. That was the gist of a ruling out of the US Supreme Court on Monday, on the last day of the court's annual session. The court pretty much told women they should put up with whatever their bosses think is best for them, because the bosses have "sincerely held" beliefs about what is best for the health of their female employees.


 Long Live Comrade Sushil Roy!

Comrade Sushil Roy, veteran leader of the CPI(Maoist), passed away this morning while in a prison hospital. He was the seniormost leader of the CPI(Maoist), and a leader of the undivided CPI, and later MCC as well, before the formation of the CPI(Maoist). The septuagenarian Comrade Sushil Roy had been purposefully ill-medicated to deteriorate his health, but imperialism today is on the backfoot wherever his political descendants are advancing the people's war.

Please see photo of comrade at



Imperialism's chickens are coming home to roost in Iraq, and once again it is the people of the region who will pay the price.

In a week of events that is in some ways shocking and in other ways not even slightly surprising, a radical Islamic fundamentalist group called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, sometimes translated as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or referred to by the Arabic name Da'ish) seized Iraq's second largest city of Mosul, and capturing more cities along the way, has advanced as far as Baquba, just 50 kilometers from Baghdad, the Iraqi capital.


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As a general rule, U.S. wars are based on lies. Some of these are soon exposed; the lies about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction and al-Qaeda links used to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq were exposed (to anyone paying attention) within a few months, or at least by the end of 2003. The lie that Spaniards mined the USS Maine in Havana Harbor in 1898, used to justify U.S. war and the colonization of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii and the Philippines, was exposed much later. The lies about the Gulf of Tonkin Incident of 1964, used to justify the escalation of the Vietnam War, were only exposed in the 80s and 90s. The Big Lie surrounding the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan has not yet been adequately exposed and discussed.


The Bergdahl Swap and Beyond:

The Fundamental Lie of the Afghan War

By GARY LEUPP • Originally posted on Counterpunch, 11 June 2014


One of the most significant happenings in the country have been the organized protests and meetings opposing the arrest of G.N.Saibaba,professor of Delhi University.What is most notable is that voices have spoken out from people with a wide range of political views and from all walks of life.

The most heartening response came to the convention launched by the Democratic Front against Operation Greenhunt in Barnala in Punjab on 24th May.Here the correct approach to democratic rights movement was reflected.It was attended by people from all walks of life ,be it peasants ,workers and youth.The conference inculcated consciousness on the situation of violation of democratic rights and the relationship of G.N.Saibaba's arrest to the repression on the democratic struggles of the people as a whole.People could relate it to the repression faced in their day to day lives,particularly the peasantry.In recent months the Punjab peasantry has faced mass repression when protesting for basic demands.Infact professor G.N.Saibaba himself greatly praised the contribution of the organized work of the Democratic Front against Operation Green hunt,Punjab.Upto 3000 people attended the gathering and rally.It was one of the most significant conventions held in the country in protecting democratic rights.The speakers explained how  the Indian state's policy was to curb all movements opposing interests of the Corporate classes and how it falsely labelled revolutionary democrats as 'Maoists' in the false pretext of terrorism.It explained how India wore the false garb of democracy.The Speakers included N.K.Maleri,Parminder Singh,N.K.Jeet and Vasanta (wife of Saibaba).Readers must see the photos of the protest.


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The Spanish King Juan Carlos has abdicated. He is infamous for supporting the fascist dictatorship of General Franco, and propping up conservative capitalism in the "post-Franco" period.

The question is raised: "What's next?"

Here is a guillotine erected at the anti-monarchist, pro-republic rallies . 

Answer delivered. Any other questions?

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It is truly remarkable to hear Western politicians and their parrot media talk about "democracy" in this weekend's elections in Ukraine. It's extraordinary to hear them whine about alleged suppression of the vote in the secessionist eastern Ukrainian provinces when they literally just denounced and attempted to suppress the independence plebiscites in those would-be breakaway republics. And it's truly mind-boggling to witness all of this after they just organized/supported a coup which undid the previous Ukrainian national elections.

The whole world heard Obama's assistant secretary of state for European affairs, Victoria Nuland, explain on tape exactly what kind of government that imperialism wanted for Ukraine right before fascist militias were enlisted to overthrow the existing Ukrainian government.

The situation in Ukraine is certainly complex. To what extent the breakaway Ukrainian provinces like the Donetsk People's Republic are actually manifestations of revolutionary people's will or pawns of Putin's capitalist Russia is not yet clear to me. There are fascists and ultra-nationalists of many different stripes on both sides of the conflict between Ukraine and its ethnic-Russian minority. But the designs of US and European imperialism — and their ensuing blatant hypocrisy — are brilliantly evident, and must be clearly and strongly opposed.


redToday is the 47th anniversary of Naxalbari.Just a week ago veteran revolutionary intellectual Suniti Kumar Ghosh departed from us.He made an immortal contribution  to the treasure house of revolutionary literature in India.His book on the Indian big bourgeoise brilliantly explained how the big bourgeoisie and the Congress leaders conspired  with the British in suppressing the genuine anti-feudal and anti-imperialist strugglesThe role of M.K Gandhi was exposed,particularly the conspiracy of the Congress against Bhagat Singh,Naval uprising etc..This bok is a must read for all revolutionary cadres and intellectuals.


The following is from A World to Win News Service. (The photo above shows a donkey dressed up as Egyptian General Sisi as a protest by an Egyptian farmer.)—ISH




Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who’s been squaring off against the Bureau of Land Management over his two decades of illegal grazing on federal land, has made more headlines this week with a racist rant about slavery being better for “Negroes” than social welfare. It is important to unwrap the whole Bundy affair and think about what it reflects about our current times and the political situation in the US.

There is a radicalization process happening on the right... extreme incidents should not be granularized, but seen in the context of the right despairing over the electoral process, becoming embittered by the Republican establishment, convinced the country is slipping away permanently, and (perhaps?) giving rise to new extraparliamentary currents (like to old "Order").



Boycott the sham parliament & assembly elections!

Make the New Democratic Revolution successful!


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The following report on the recent anti-Semitic murders in Kansas City is reposted from Scission, a blog published by Redpoet, a self-identified autonomous Marxist and Communist.

Something is seething on the right wing in the United States. If the gunman behind these shootings represents a minority far-right fringe element that still openly identifies with expressly Nazi ideology and symbolism, it should be evident that actual far-right ideas have been gaining currency and acceptability across a broader swath of the population. There is a radicalization process happening on the right in the context of the right despairing over the electoral process, becoming embittered by the Republican establishment, convinced the country is slipping away permanently. As Republican politicians toy with populist appeals framing the Democrats as a ruling elite serving a population of entitled "takers" abusing the hard work of productive (white) citizens, it's certainly possible that the millions of right-wing Americans who are consuming those right-wing talking points could crystallize into a real far right militant movement.

As communists, I think we have to be extraordinarily careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that the Democrats or the malleable laws of capitalist civil society are any kind of first line of defense against this potential right-wing upsurge. The right wing is organizing and getting out its ideas; we need to be doing the same thing. And the ideas we should be getting out shouldn't be about defending a fragile, corrupt system with less interest and ability than ever in protecting or defending oppressed people; the ideas we should be talking about are how we can build a new revolutionary alternative.—ISH


It is with sad news that Kasama has heard that the Brecht Forum will be closing its doors. The Brecht Forum was a Marxist School in New York City that has existed for 39 years and was a real fixture in the radical community. Many people young and old came to the Brecht Forum to take classes on radical thinkers and history, to learn about radical art movements and music, or to attend events on a broad range of subjects concerning the liberation of society.

It is always sad when a radical space is lost. Such spaces are real points of contact, where people young, old, and in between connect with others who are sick of the drudgery and alienation of our contemporary society and are thinking about how this world can be changed for the better.


I was watching paleo-conservative Pat Buchanan enthuse over Putin last night. He just vibes with this nationalist strongman defending his ethnicity and imposing his sphere of influence. (Iron and blood -- the Bismark motto). 

It struck me: Putin is a litmus test for authoritarianism. 

There are those (on both  left and right) who just "like Putin" -- and secretly wish they could BE him. It says a lot about their underlying WORLD VIEW, and how reactionary it is. 

Admiring Putin is a confession of secret leanings. It is white ethno-fascist in Buchanan's case. And it is "red-brown" on the nominal left. ["Red brown" is a fusion of  communist lingo with fascist-imperialist politics inside Russia.) 

Whose secret heart has a soft spot for bully hardness?

Speak up!