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As far as elections go, I don't think anyone denies that the Democratic Party is at a dead end and of no use to the left. But what about independent politicians, either in a party or not? Do we help on their campaigns or do we just ignore them?

This is just one question I have after thinking about this for several weeks. The real question is —do we do anything to stop the on-slaughter of the US workers/US poor or do we just focus on revolution?

For example:

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[Moderator note: the following piece represents the views of a guest posting in the Open Threads section of the Kasama site, not of Kasama itself. This essay does not represent the views of Kasama.] 

Please let it be known that the following article is an attempt to engage members of the PCR-RCP in a productive dialogue. It is not meant as an attack on their organization but rather as a call to begin serious engagement with the difficult task of theorizing revolutionary theory for the 1st world.


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I just received a letter from Public Citizen (actually a few days ago) asking me to help and support their efforts to push for an amendment to the Constitution to overturn Citizens United and other Supreme Court rulings that have granted $ billionaires and Big Business unprecedented power over our "democracy."

To be exact, they do not want the constitution to treat a business or corporation as a person. This ruling has allowed unlimited campaign contributions from such $ billionaires as the Koch brothers. I’m glad to see this effort and I will do what I can. But this amendment falls short of what we really need to do—GET ALL MONEY OUT OF POLITICS.

I realize by trying to fix this country a lot of revolutionary people will condemn me for calling for anything short of a revolution. But in reality, taking all the money out of our elections would lead to a revolution. That is because the core of this system requires capitalism to be intertwined with elections and campaign contributions do that.

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This is a story which I'm feeling worth to write, at-least for my own pleasure. 

I encountered this shabby attired, elderly looking man today out on the street while I was sitting by the side of the road on a side walk. He came, put his bicycle on stand and sat beside me. I was beheld by his bicycle which was in state of severe disrepair which also bore multiple cardboard papers stating the places he visited, the distance he bicycled and his ideology 'single mind'. I failed to appreciate the meaning of the writings on the erected paper boards on his bicycle.Having seen my camera, he asked me, "Would you like to photograph me?" I was surprised to hear a person who seems to be a unfortunate sad Indian national speaking well accentuated English. "Definitely Sir" I replied. But before I could pull out my camera he started speaking promptly. "I am 56 and I have bicycled 4500 kilometers in the last 8 months," he said. He started speaking enthusiastically about the need of 'Single Mind' and about the ostensible truth, 'The Sun', which is the only truth as far as he knows. "At every dawn I wish him (Sun) good morning and greets him good evening at dusk!" he continued.
surya c2c2a
He calls himself Surya and at crossroads of state boundaries 'Ekka Thakhur'... I realised the man is not having a stable state of mind, but I lent my ears to him because I felt he had some points (I might be equally unstable at head). "Why should one have more than one mind? Why should a person focus all his mind and might to multiples issues of life?" he asked. "One need not be in a single place under the sky, earth is to explore. I want breathe the air from all places, I want to drink water of all places, I want to feel the all the winds, I want to touch trees, possibly all of them, I want to bathe at all sea shores and I know for a reason that all this could be the same, but you can't deny me the freedom to do so," he told be upon me asking him what he is up-to.He narrated me about the hardships he encounters while cycling, the places he slept, the people whom he met and lot more. Looking at my bike he made a snide remark," You seem to be enjoying life with all comforts but how long will your mind be at peace?" to which I replied "I am not sure Sir". He smiled, stared deep into my eyes... "Now picture me, I have to leave I'm getting late" he continued. I clicked him and before leaving he asked for money. I gave him 18 Rupees which had in the four pockets of my jeans. He swung on to the bicycle and moved away...

by Rosa Harris

 You are in a store and you go over by one item at the register. The cashier takes it off and then accidentally bags it up with everything else. As you go to put you things in the cart you realize you have the item you have not paid for.

What do you do?

The most common ‘communist’ viewpoint on what one should do next is say nothing as long as it is not a mom and pop since corporations are very exploitative and they deserve the loss. Some even claim that if they make off with such a thing that they have ‘liberated’ it.

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