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I do not endorse the views in the first 3 parts posted below  or completely support the P.L.G.A. of India completely as there are important distortions of massline by the Maoist party.Yet there are noble objectives whatever the errors.I advise readers to study the articles below it in memory and solidarity of the Peoples Liberation Guerrilla army 14th anniversary celebrations.True it is not a red army based on the massline like in China based on the foundations of strong agrarian revolutionary movement and worker base or built genuine base ares like in the time of the 1940's in China .The subjective conditions were hardly as prevalent for forming the PLGA as in China or later Phillipines.Yet we have to salute the sacrifices inspite of insufficient development of armed agrarian revolutionary movement as in theTelengana armed struggle.Greater autonomy and independent initiative should be granted to the Revolutionary peasant councils and the Maoist party must not impose it's ideology on the R.P.C's or the P.L.G.A.. There should be greater de-centralisation within the R.P.C's.The Revolutionary peasant councils should be granted the right to recall and elect party members.However the party centralism and vanguard role must never be lost.The defeat of the Sendero Luminoso in Peru whose entire central leadership was decimated should be a lesson for the Indian P.L.G.A.The sacrifices of the Indian P.L.G.A and it's achievements rank amongst the foremost since the victory of the Chinese revolution. turning a spark into a Priarie fire and illuminating the flame of Maoism.

India - The Army of the People



1.In the  article of Comrade  Ganpathy posted below I greatly admire the analytical,dialectical,self-critical,undogmatic assesment which above all expresses humilty.It shows in depth application of MLM ideology.Comrade Ganapathy superbly elaborates the gains and setbacks or shortcomings.He is never scared to admit the extent to which the central  leadership has been decimated but is still optimistic..Although I subscribe most to the line that originated with T.Nagi Reddy and culminated into the Communist Party Re-Oragnization Centre of India(MarxistLeninist)I still admire the bravery and tenacity of the Maoist party.Inspite of subjective factors not prevalent they have defied the world and proved the legitimacy of PPW.True India needs to create a path suitable to it's own conditions and not blindly or mechanically imitate the Chinese path.Com Ganapathy compares to any great Maoist leader in the world since the Chinese Revolution.In his article he brilliantly illustrates the zig zag nature of P.P.W.He is the equivalent of Comrade Gonzalo.of Peru to India.He also explains the necessity of the party to protects itself from the enemy.Overall he displays mastery of MLM ideolgy.

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We must oppose and combat the following tendencies which are detrimental to the development of the communist movement:


 •The trend that holds onto obscure positions and rejects the political lines of other organizations without engaging in any political work or dedicated practical program.

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I am  not a supporter of the Maoist  party but I  am posting this statement  and link  as a maoist  historian  and admirer .I do not think the subjective factors prevail   for launching Protracted People's  War  or believe that mass  line  has been correctly  developed like by the Communist Party of India in the  1946-51  Telengana armed struggle or by the China with regard to base areas in the1930s.Errors have been made particularly in light  of  mass  organizations but I admire achievements  and phenomenal sacrifices and the great innovative methods in Dandkaranya.Today the10th  anniversary is a  historic  event in the history  of  the International Communist  Movement.Major  errors  have occured  in military  line but it's  achievements  are  on par  with  the Communist  Party  of Phillipines  and  the  Peruvian Communist party earlier.It has  resssurected  the red  torch of the Russian and Chinese  Revolutions and  burned  the flame  of Maoism  against  all adversity  treading  the  most treacherous  or hazardous of paths.Let  us dip our  blood  in  memory  of  Azad Kishenji etc.


The C.P.I.(Maoist) has resurrected the legacy of the Bolshevik and Chinese Communist parties burning the flame of Maoism. I think the C.P.I.(Maoist) has achieved on par with the Sendero Luminoso in Peru led by Gonzalo of the1980’s and the present Communist Party of Philippines although it has not developed base areas like the Chinese Communist Party in the 1930s or in the Telengana armed struggle from 1946-51.Neverthless they have built the first re-organized Marxist-Leninist Maoist party of it’s kind and the merger of M.C.C.I and PW group as well as the 2007 conference will be written forever in the annals of world revolutionary movement.Great self criticism and humility was displayed in the 2007 event and I rever the words of comrade Kishen,(spokesman)former secretary of M.C.C.who admitted errors like revisionist tendencies and sectarianism openly in an Interview. The Chinese party hardly faced the obstacles of the Indian Maoist party like casteism,communalism and cultural diversity. The  C.P.I.(Maoist) although commiting serious mistakes in mass line and military line have developed some of the most creative forms of work. We have to ward of propoganda by journals like ‘Frontier’ that claim that it is divided into various parties in Jharkhand or are violating Mao TseTung’s ideology like ‘Red Star’.Infact in recent years Kolkata based journal‘Frontier’ has ridiculed the Maoist party virtually calling it a military outfit with no proper strategy.I believe the party has made errors of democratic practice within mass organizations in terms of developing democratic functioning but one has to consider the complexities of a situation when conducting armed struggle. It’s principle weakness is also inability to sufficiently protect itself as a  party by mastering Leninist or Maoist doctrine.There are also sharp tendencies of military approach replacing massline and confusing the party with the military organization.Neverthless they have done justice to the sword of ‘Maoism'by forming the 1st ever Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army in India , built itself without creating any personality cult which is remarkable and have managed to devise retaliatory forms of struggle to defend itself.The R.P.C’s  led by the Maoist party  have weakness in terms of of democratic functioning and I feel the party must study the works of comrades like T.Nagi Reddyand D.V.Rao.We must also remember the great contribution of Kondappali Seetharamiah(died in2002) who formed the PWG and of the role of the Maoist Communist Centre.Today bourgeois circles maintain that there is enemity between M.C.C.and PWG Cadres which is false. I will never forget the admiration Professor G.N.Saibaba had of the C.P.I.(Maoist) which he placed in another league from any other group. There is an infection within the revolutionary camp which still calls the party morally the ‘Peoples War group’ and does not recognize the historic significance of the merger in 2004.These comrades just cant look beyond the Charu Mazumdar C.P.I.(M.L.).8thcentral commitee formed in 1970 .and thus refuse to recognize parties outside the 1969 C.P.I.(M.L.) like Maoist Communist Centre.

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By Gary Leupp, originally published at Dissident Voice.

About a week into the Ferguson crisis, cable TV anchors like Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper began to decry the presence of “outside agitators” in the community. This was after SWAT teams with MRAP trucks and M-16 assault rifles came from outside in response to crimes against property (window-smashing and looting) prompted by outrage at the police killing of an unarmed black 18-year-old boy.

There are 53 members of the Ferguson police force, 50 of them white in a town that is almost 70% black. One in four people lives below the federal poverty line in Ferguson, and most black residents say they’ve been pulled over by police or have friends or family members who have been harassed by the police. It’s a place that was ready to explode.

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