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Samsung Zabiera Się Wewnątrz Roboty I Drony

Wygraj dron
Apenas un día después de que Amazon sorprendiera al respetable anunciando que estaba experimentando con envíos rápidos por medio de drones, ya tiene un serio competidor. Drony wyposażone w kamery mają za misja rejestrować obraz mimo składów i komunikować go w czasie prawdziwym do siedziby Oddziału Przeciwdziałania Zagrożeniom. The citizens of Pakistan are opposed owo the continued use of drone strikes within their country.

To make i drone you will need a few different items owo be able owe construct it properly and get the best use out of it. The first thing you will need owo start with is an RC plane or any type of RC pane that you can get such mistrz a quadcopter, tricopter, helicopter, or the like.


Warto tędy zaznaczyć, że część z dostępnych dronów wspiera już kamerki GoPro i intrygujące, czy ich wytwórcy nie zmienią losowo strategii, gdy ich twórcy staną się ich bezpośrednim zalotnikiem. Od dobrego r., odkąd Amazon postanawia zwiększyć bezrobocie pośród kurierów i dać w zamian ich dronami dostarczającymi przesyłki. Poza tym drony - małe, duże, różnych kształtów oraz rozmiarów - rozpowszechniają się w niesamowitym tempie. W Ogromnej Brytanii istnieją całkiem szerokie regulacje dronów - drony aż do 20 kilogramów a tak nie są w stanie latać w pobliżu w zastępstwie i skupisk ludzie, komercyjne zastosowania pochłaniają pozwoleń i ubezpieczenia. Bo ile na terytorium polski drony są cięgiem ciekawostką, tyle w przeciągu kilku latek to się przeobrazi.

Obecnie modelarstwo RC staje się co raz bardziej słynne z racji niewysokich wartości zestawów samolot plus aparatura, którymi mają prawo latać już kilkuletnie dzieci. Sami bawimy się w modelartwo samolotowe RC od chwili 3 lat, oblataliśmy kilka modeli urządzonych od podstaw samodzielnie. Wyspecjalizowana i rozwiązanie maszyna może na przestrzeni godziny objechać jedenaście ha. Dron nie niszcząc uprawy naraz opryska 80. Mają możliwość być one nadzwyczaj przydatne do różnego rodzaju obserwacji. W tym momencie drony nie mają prawo latać na wysokości większej niż czterysta stóp i powinni znajdować się w obrębu wzroku operatora.

Mitt Romney - whose overall tone in this campaign has been more hawkish than Obama's - unhesitatingly embraced the president's drone policy during Monday night's final debate. Obuwie drone strikes are a form of military convenience - no boots płeć brzydka the ground and no American casualties (aside from the stray teenager in Yemen). But informatyką is troubling how little else we have to go on to understand the drone attacks that may indeed be Barack Obama's most enduring national security initiative.

Zhou Enlai

                                                                           Zhou Enlai 

Today,on March 5th  on his 117th birthday we dip our blood in memory of revered comrade premier Zhou En Lai.,one of the greatest revolutionaries the world has ever witnessed. It is not a strange coincidence that Comrade Stalin expired on the same date of March 5th.Zhou En Lai  was a an icon amongst world leaders and played a major role in binding the Peoples Republic of China for 27 years .He was one of the greatest and most progressive statesman of the 2oth century who defended the Socialist foreign policy with an Iron hand whether in 1954 at Bandung ,whether with Nehru in 1962,,or whether in the 1960’s in U.S.S.R.Few Communist leaders ever exhibited such humility and no Communist party leader in China stood in support of Comrade Mao Tse Tung for as long a tenure as Zhou En Lai. Liu Shao-Chi, Deng Xiaoping, Lin Biao, Peng De Huai,Chen Boda etc betrayed Mao but Zhou supported Mao with the strength of steel, traversing the most turbulent of waters.Inspite of originating from a mandarin family Zhou lived the simplest of lifestyles and was inspired by ant-imperialist ideals from his school days. He traversed through the most turbulent of seas or the most hazardous paths in defending his ideas in pre-revolutionary and post-revolutionary China. He never hesitated to self-criticize.


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As far as elections go, I don't think anyone denies that the Democratic Party is at a dead end and of no use to the left. But what about independent politicians, either in a party or not? Do we help on their campaigns or do we just ignore them?

This is just one question I have after thinking about this for several weeks. The real question is —do we do anything to stop the on-slaughter of the US workers/US poor or do we just focus on revolution?

For example:

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The slogan “serve the people” contains two linked concepts: to act in the interests of the people; and to take the people as the stage of the party’s activities. This means that the party must both work in a manner that is accepted by and acceptable to the people; and learn from the people and be guided by their burgeoning political consciousness and activities. This surely does not mean tailing along behind the spontaneous political and economic struggle, nor does it mean adoption of any of the present prejudices and opinions of the people. Nor does it mean patronising the people by adopting a “proletarian” pose to embellish the party’s desire to be seen as working class or radical. Such window-dressing is contemptible.

No, what this means is that the people have to be understood to be and elevated as participants in the making of their own future together with the party. Fundamentally, the people are everywhere and always spontaneously engaged in political and economic struggle - and it is this spontaneous struggle which the party must use as the site and means by which the party proceeds to propagate ideas about the revolutionary struggle for socialism.

What is important to stress here is that the spontaneous political and economic struggle is not to be devalued - it is the foundation upon which the conscious struggle for socialism by the people is built. The masses may well be politically ill-informed and presently partially (or even mostly) unaware of their own  interests in making socialist revolution; but the people are neither stupid nor incapable of change. The spontaneous struggle may be primitive and unsophisticated in its forms; but in content it remains the class struggle. Talking down to the people by the party is not serving the people. Regarding the spontaneous political and economic struggles of the people as “mistakes” or “wrong”, or second-best is not understanding the relationship between the spontaneous and the conscious in the struggle for socialist revolution.

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There are 8 parts to this post.I already wrote about the massive protest against the rape of Shahnaz, Arvind memorial seminar in March and the peasant protest  and election gathering in Bhatinda in Punjab .Here   I wished to recollect my most memorable events in India which I have not written about earlier this year.This summary reflects the significant work which is also done outside the C.P.I.(Maoist)camp.Some of the best work has been  done by comrades of the Rahul foundation and Bigul Mazdoor dasta in the trade Union Front.,arguably better than any  revolutionary section in India.True ,they propagate 'new Socialist' Revolution and project India as a capitalist and not semi-feudal.semi-colonial  system but in urban mass work they have taught cadres important lessons.In Punjab outstanding work in the peasant front continues of the Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union and the Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ugrahan).In no part of the country  such organizing of peasant class organizations exists..I am also posting some historic memorial events of the past not posted earlier this year.Not added Operation Bluestar attack and Babri Masjid demolition  as already written about them,earlier this year.I am also posting a response to my obituary on Comrade Sushil Roy by comrades from Vishakapatnam.which is of great significance.on the line and practice of the Maoist party.I request readers to read it ,crtically.Red Salutes to everyone!



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I request kasama,people of America and all over the world to offer solidarity to this historic protest which took place yesterday  on December 28th.against this brutal massacre.I hope it radiates a light within the hearts of people,especially women all over the world.This protest is relevant not only to Punjab or India but to the liberation of women all over the world.I rever the work done by the comrades in Punjab who have worked night and day to organize this programme.They have given a lesson in how to wok amongst the working-class in bitter cold conditions.Above all they have illuminated Mao's teaching that 'Women hold up half the sky"I can't express in words the tenacity displayed by Shahnaz to combat the iron feet of oppression and bring the culprits to the book.Her martyrdom is a lesson to the whole world.In every nook and corner of the world Shahnaz's murder  should illuminate a torch to protest against this heinous act and explain the reality  between the opressive capitalist society and the condition of women.I owe great gratitude to Lakhwinder.

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As a young comrade, this is my first attempt at writing a longer, true article.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Today we dip our blood in memory of the 121st birthday of Comrade Mao Tse Tung,the greatest revolutionary of our time and the greatest Marxist after Marx and Lenin.We have to cherish his immortal contribution not only to China but mankind as a whole.We have to combat with iron fists the slander of the bourgeois press or Western media which distorts the reality of events in the time of Comrade Mao.Whether during the Long,March,the Civil War,the Great Leap Forward or the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution Mao illuminated the invincible torch of Marxism Leninism and shimmered the light of liberation.He traversed the most turbulent of waters and was often swimming against the tide.His life also revealed the inner spiritual quality of a revolution and Mao's concept of transformation of man had spiritual overtones.Today several trends even distort Mao's line .One trend claim that he deferred the Great debate and allied with the national bourgeoise from the Rahul foundation,India.The trend of Red Star of India rejects concept of Protracted peoples war and claims that Maoist China was Lin Biaoist..The that Mao was a revisionist after 1969 and upholds Lin Biao.The R.C.P.U.S.A. propagate a new synthesis which distorts Mao's true teachings,undermining Leninism..and are harsh critiques of Stalin.Bernard d'mellow upholds Mao as a revolutionary democrat and fails to grasp the concept of dictatorship of the Proletariat.The 'Stalinist' or 'Hoxaite' trend fails to even recognize Mao as a Marxist-Leninist or China Socialist from 1956-76.There is a another trend that over-exaggerates the aspect of Mao's personality cult prevalent in the failing to asses the subjective conditions. like the Indian Intellectual,Rangakayaama .To this day and age we have to advocate greater proletarian democracy,debate or dissent  but refute existence of factions and multiple parties tooth and nail.The most correct or best evaluation of Comrade Mao was by Bob Avakian of the 1978 ,Chairman Gonzalo of the Peruvian Communist Party by Jose Marie Sison ,chairman of the Communist Party of Phillipines. and Harbhajan Sohi of India.We have not give one sided emphasis on any facet of Mao's teachings and give importance to both PPW and concept of continuous revolution under the dictatorship of the Proletariat.I feel the concept of the G.P.C.R.was a more universal contribution than that of PPW also discovered by Mao.We need to project how he is still remembered by the masses of China even today.The major weakness was the lack of proletarian power and sufficient revolutionary democratic development with the dismantling of the revolutionary commitees in 1973.Greater democracy was needed within the revolutionary commitees as well as more independence from the party in taking decisions.Truly he was marxist Leninist genius.Mao developed Leninism in practice by developing greater revolutionary democracy than the Soviets in Russia after Lenin in the Revolutionary Commitees and more innovative forms of production than  erstwhile it's Socialist period from 1917-56.Mao's writings on protracted war,building the red army and the party are also a treasure house in the study of Marxism Leninism.


As the Great Teacher, the Great Leader, the Great Helmsman, the Supreme Commander, Mao came to dominate the propaganda art of the first half of the Cultural Revolution. His image was considered more important than the occasion for which a particular work of propaganda art was designed: in a number of cases, identical posters dedicated to Mao were published in different years bearing different slogans, i.e., serving different propaganda causes.

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I do not endorse the views in the first 3 parts posted below  or completely support the P.L.G.A. of India completely as there are important distortions of massline by the Maoist party.Yet there are noble objectives whatever the errors.I advise readers to study the articles below it in memory and solidarity of the Peoples Liberation Guerrilla army 14th anniversary celebrations.True it is not a red army based on the massline like in China based on the foundations of strong agrarian revolutionary movement and worker base or built genuine base ares like in the time of the 1940's in China .The subjective conditions were hardly as prevalent for forming the PLGA as in China or later Phillipines.Yet we have to salute the sacrifices inspite of insufficient development of armed agrarian revolutionary movement as in theTelengana armed struggle.Greater autonomy and independent initiative should be granted to the Revolutionary peasant councils and the Maoist party must not impose it's ideology on the R.P.C's or the P.L.G.A.. There should be greater de-centralisation within the R.P.C's.The Revolutionary peasant councils should be granted the right to recall and elect party members.However the party centralism and vanguard role must never be lost.The defeat of the Sendero Luminoso in Peru whose entire central leadership was decimated should be a lesson for the Indian P.L.G.A.The sacrifices of the Indian P.L.G.A and it's achievements rank amongst the foremost since the victory of the Chinese revolution. turning a spark into a Priarie fire and illuminating the flame of Maoism.

India - The Army of the People



1.In the  article of Comrade  Ganpathy posted below I greatly admire the analytical,dialectical,self-critical,undogmatic assesment which above all expresses humilty.It shows in depth application of MLM ideology.Comrade Ganapathy superbly elaborates the gains and setbacks or shortcomings.He is never scared to admit the extent to which the central  leadership has been decimated but is still optimistic..Although I subscribe most to the line that originated with T.Nagi Reddy and culminated into the Communist Party Re-Oragnization Centre of India(MarxistLeninist)I still admire the bravery and tenacity of the Maoist party.Inspite of subjective factors not prevalent they have defied the world and proved the legitimacy of PPW.True India needs to create a path suitable to it's own conditions and not blindly or mechanically imitate the Chinese path.Com Ganapathy compares to any great Maoist leader in the world since the Chinese Revolution.In his article he brilliantly illustrates the zig zag nature of P.P.W.He is the equivalent of Comrade Gonzalo.of Peru to India.He also explains the necessity of the party to protects itself from the enemy.Overall he displays mastery of MLM ideolgy.

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"All great ideas are dangerous" - Oscar Wilde Frank Zappa once warned that censorship means that we are afraid of ideas—that ideas are dangerous. But that ship has sailed. In the US our government has made it clear that those in other countries who believe in things outside our bourgeois democracy, are dangerous and those who believe in them need to be eradicated, eliminated, and destroyed. There is no room for negotiations or room for their ideas in US occupied countries for such groups as the Islamic State (IS). That includes ignoring the many Iraqis that preferred IS to their US occupiers and we are going to try "deprogramming" those who want to go to the Middle-east to join with IS. But we can look at Peru to see how an imperialist lackey and bourgeois democracy, based on the US, is attacking political parties because their "ideas are too dangerous." Since 1980, Peru has been a country besieged by members of the Communist Party of Peru (known in the press as Shining Path). In several reports the government is bragging that they have successfully beaten Shining Path (from here on out I will refer to them with the official letters of their name PCP) militarily:

"Three months later, the December 9, 2013 arrest of Alexander Dimas Huaman (a.k.a. Héctor), Artemio’s successor, led the head of Peru’s national drug police to declare that Shining Path had disappeared from the upper Huallaga Valley and that the region had been pacified (El Comercio [Lima], December 9, 2013)."

That means that the government believes they have beaten PCP once and for all. But are they breaking out Champaign or resending all the draconian police state actions that came a result of being challenged by an armed group—NOT AT ALL. A lot of young Maoist have joined with ex-PCP people in forming a new political party around the idea of pushing for amnesty for all political prisoners including all those captured guerillas of the PCP, including Chairman Gonzalo (Abimael Guzmán). This new party, MOVADEF (Movimiento Por Amnistia Y Derechos Fundamentales/Movements for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights) has tried to register as a legal political party. The government has treated them as if they are just another formation of the PCP guerillas. In other words—it was not just the violence the government opposed—it was the ideas.For example:


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india-bbabri_masjid_demolition2 Saturday, December 6, 2014


Today on December 6th we remember with rage the tragic demolition of the Babri Masjid on December 6th 1992 and the subsequent riots.The author cant express in words the rage it erupted in the hearts of the masses like a burning flame.It was one of the most fascistic attacks ever of the last century and the attack on the Muslim community bore comparison with the Jewish ghettos in the Nazi regime.The minority community became the victims of deep humiliation and were supressed by the iron feet of opression.The author from 1986 was part of the anti communal front'Ekta'  in Mumbai which comprised of leftist and secular mas organizations but unfortunately became a platform of communal harmony and not mass revolutionary resistance against communalism or struggle from the headquarters of the working class. Neverthless left revolutionary activist fronts handsomely confronted the bulwark of communal forces patronised by the Congress govt.Earlier this year we also commemorated 25 years since the Bhaglapur riots in 1989.The participation of the youth was significant in the protest movement against communal fascism .The Gandhian class collaborationist methods were exposed which discourage class struggle. of the working class.Significant work and reports were brought out by civil liberties organizations like Lok Shahi Hakk Sanghatana and Commitee for Protection of democratic Rights.What wa sunfortunate is that the left parties like C.PI.I and C.P.M,inspite of large secular cadre hardly mobilised secular resistance to thwart communal forces and tailed behind the ruling class Parties.The 'Ekta' forum largely followed the revisionist left parties policy.

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The second part of this story was actually written by Red Rob Blogger himself. It was a lot easier for him to write this so he did.  As can tell, this story shows that the money drug dealers make has been HUGELY exaggerated by the mainstream press. These people do not live the life of luxury. Their lives are pathetic if anything.

…..Continued à

By Red Rob Blogger

As we walked down the street, we passed in front of a tall-brown slim apartment building.

“Say, we need some money,” Chelsea said. “I’m going upstairs to visit Craig. He is good for a date. It will only take me a few minutes and I will be back with some cash.“

She darted up the steps. A few minutes later she came down. 

“I got some Cash,” she said.

I don’t know exactly how much she got, but I know it was more than $20 but less than $40. Whoever Craig was, he was fast in bed and from the woman’s viewpoint that is not good. Next it was on to Johnny’s house. When we got to their apartment, we walked up a flight of steps to a large brown porch with a railing and rows of doors. We got to Johnny’s, the white- wooden door with a small windows on it—knocked and then we were let in. Johnny was an older man in his late 40s. He had long-gray hair and a white beard. He was wearing an old worn blue collared shirt and old slacks. The house was a little dirty, but we all sat on the green rug around the glass pipes that sat on the brown coffee table in the middle of the room. Johnny had another friend over, Randy. He was shorter, brown hair and about 10 years younger. When we first came in the room, Johnny was looking for small pieces of crack that may have fallen on the floor. He kept finding little pieces of filth on the green carpet that looked like they might be crack. Johnny kept lighting the tiny pieces, with his lighter to see if they would melt. If they did, which rarely happened, he stuck the melted junk on the pipe just long enough to get that tiny little hit.

Mostly looking for scraps was just a sign of desperation. These guys had a look of desperation that I was beginning to recognize in pretty much all of the crack addicts I met. They all had that beady sweaty look to them. They were always searching for spare pieces of crack that fell on the floor.

“I got some rocks,” Chelsea said. “She got some of her rocks out and put them on the coffee table near the pipes. Next we were all sitting around their table and firing up one of the pipes. Each took a turn on the pipe. For a few minutes the whole group was content as the pipe and its white smoke filled all of our lungs. This reminded me a lot of my early dope smoking experiences. We would all get out our special pot pipes out and we passed around a bowl of whatever weed we all had at the time. Crack was a little different from weed. But weed smokers never had that look of desperation that the crack smokers have.

After about an hour I started to get nervous about Green Eyes and my car.

“We need to go back to that house,” I said.

“Don’t worry she’ll wait for you,” Chelsea said.

“Just the same—I’d like to go by the house and see if my car is back.” I answered.

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This is a part of a series I started earlier this year about the life of an underclass of a people known as the lumpen-Proletariat.[1] Not all of the lumpen-Proletariat take part in criminal activities but many in this story do. This story has an admitted prostitute and at least two drug dealers. This is not meant to encourage drug dealing, use or prostitution. It is only written to show how these underclass-persons live.

This was a story told to me by Red Rob Blogger. Rob is a tall skinny white guy who likes to wear red striped shirts. Rob is a teacher, who lives in a working class neighborhood and he owns his home.  Rob was going into the Club Soda House on the south end of Broadway Street one day during the middle of the 1990s, a period of time when crack was still with us. It was early in the day and Rob was looking for something different to do. The Club Soda was a working class bar on a street known for prostitution. A lot of lumpen proletariat people were known to go to this bar including prostitutes, low level drug dealers and lots of addicts.

The bar had one long room. It was always dimly lit, although that is not unusual in a working class bar. It had icky yellow walls and it was sparsely decorated with common beer signs. As he

was walking into the bar he came across a girl he knew as Chelsea. He had met her a few times in this bar in the past year. She was a tall heavy-set black girl, wearing jeans and a white blouse.

“Hi Rob,” she said. “What are you up to today?”

“I’m just hanging out looking for something to do,” he answered.

“You need a date today? I’m working as a hooker now.”

“No. I don’t think so.” (Actually Rob found Chelsea very attractive, but felt funny about paying for sex).

“There must be something you want today. How ‘bout a blow job?”

“Well that might be fun.”

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Protesters in solidarity with those in Ferguson, MO briefly stopped holiday shopping traffic, last Saturday Night, near Town East in Wichita – to protest a grand jury’s recent decision not to indict a police officer who fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown.

This is the first time in a long time that Wichita protesters committed civil disobedience. And it may have paid off for them.

Unlike other events, people not connected to the protesters and organizers went out of their way to post comments on the protester's Facebook page; FERGUSON PROTEST, WICHITA. Usually only those invited to the page or those who take part in that event leave comments on the page. This time there were lots of comments from outsiders who signed up to leave comments on their pages.

There was the usual anger and insults:

Kevin Oneth


Valan Vopat

Just stupid, get a life


Nila L Burch

Stupid people


Teresa Jarvis


Kip Hildebrand

Get a job, get a job, get a job, get a job, get a job!

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On March 19th 1914 Comrade Jiang Qing was born. Earlier this year on  March 19th the 100th birthday of Jiang qing,(Chiang Ching)one of the leaders of the Maoist  gang of four took place. Sadly there was no commemoration deliberately held in China as she blackened the injustice of the current C.C.P. There was also no mention or celebration of Jiang Qing’s 100th birthday in the revolutionary camp worldwide. A major commemorating meeting celebrating Chiang’s 100th birthday explaining the significance of her work and of ZhangChunqiao ‘ should have been held. Without doubt she was one of the greatest women revolutionaries of all time whose contribution was immortal to  the Communist Movement. Few women comrades were ever more daring and courageous. For 10 years she defended Mao Tse Tung’s like with the solidity of a boulder. She would traverse the steepest of cliffs and the most turbulent of seas in defending the Socialist line. She was also one of the most creative and innovative of artists in revolutionary history devising a new form of opera .She mastered artistic forms that related to the common people.We commemorate 50 years this yaer since she innovated a new form of Opera in July 1964. With Comrade ZhangChunqiao she played the biggest role in the ten years of the G.P.C.R after Mao. She was one of the sharpest critiques of the capitalist roaders and voiced the very heart of the masses. With the other 3 comrades she played a major role in implementing Mao’s call for supporting the line of Tachai and herself participated in agricultural production. The phenomenal  achievements of  the G.P.C .R  in  it’s final years owe a great deal to the Gang of four especially Jiang Qing and .The 1976 political rally in Tiannemen square supporting Mao ‘s line led by the gang of was one of the most significant events in revolutionary China’s political history. A major campaign had been initiated  by ZhangChunqiao in battle revisionism called ‘farrago on the educational front.’ This debated whether the Cultural Revolution educational policies should be followed or the conventional policies before the G.P.C.R.

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We must oppose and combat the following tendencies which are detrimental to the development of the communist movement:


 •The trend that holds onto obscure positions and rejects the political lines of other organizations without engaging in any political work or dedicated practical program.

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On October 4, 2014 at the Center for Marxist Education, communist historian Doug Enaa Greene, as part of the Red History Lecture Series, speaks on Communist Resistance in Nazi Germany. The German CP offered the most sustained resistance to the Third Reich, ranging from anti-fascist propaganda to espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union and engaging Nazi soldiers in battle during the Spanish Civil War. As part of the struggle against fascism, approximately, nearly half of the party members passed through Nazi concentration camps and at least 25,000 were killed.