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On March 19th 1914 Comrade Jiang Qing was born. Earlier this year on  March 19th the 100th birthday of Jiang qing,(Chiang Ching)one of the leaders of the Maoist  gang of four took place. Sadly there was no commemoration deliberately held in China as she blackened the injustice of the current C.C.P. There was also no mention or celebration of Jiang Qing’s 100th birthday in the revolutionary camp worldwide. A major commemorating meeting celebrating Chiang’s 100th birthday explaining the significance of her work and of ZhangChunqiao ‘ should have been held. Without doubt she was one of the greatest women revolutionaries of all time whose contribution was immortal to  the Communist Movement. Few women comrades were ever more daring and courageous. For 10 years she defended Mao Tse Tung’s like with the solidity of a boulder. She would traverse the steepest of cliffs and the most turbulent of seas in defending the Socialist line. She was also one of the most creative and innovative of artists in revolutionary history devising a new form of opera .She mastered artistic forms that related to the common people.We commemorate 50 years this yaer since she innovated a new form of Opera in July 1964. With Comrade ZhangChunqiao she played the biggest role in the ten years of the G.P.C.R after Mao. She was one of the sharpest critiques of the capitalist roaders and voiced the very heart of the masses. With the other 3 comrades she played a major role in implementing Mao’s call for supporting the line of Tachai and herself participated in agricultural production. The phenomenal  achievements of  the G.P.C .R  in  it’s final years owe a great deal to the Gang of four especially Jiang Qing and .The 1976 political rally in Tiannemen square supporting Mao ‘s line led by the gang of was one of the most significant events in revolutionary China’s political history. A major campaign had been initiated  by ZhangChunqiao in battle revisionism called ‘farrago on the educational front.’ This debated whether the Cultural Revolution educational policies should be followed or the conventional policies before the G.P.C.R.

Revolutionary comrades do not deny that she made grave errors and the practice of Chiang and her comrades was infested with powerful currents of left sectarianism. The slogans raised had left adventurist overtones. This was observed by writers like William Hinton. Artists, musicians and intellectuals were subjected to persecution of phenomenal proportions. However the 4 particularly Jiang and Zhang  initiated some of the most progressive innovation seen in any society, be it in art or production. They withstood the 1981 trial with death defying courage. No comrade exhibited more courage than Jiang,inspite being a women  through her historic statement .Her speech created the sensation of  a red flame extinguishing in the court.

 Sadly  the major component of the revolutionary camp in the world  in 1978 did not uphold Chiang Ching or the Gang of four as genuine exponents of Mao’s revolutionary line but clubbed them as a counter-revolutionary sect and upheld Hua Guofeng.This included organizations like Unity centre of Communist revolutionaries of India, C.P.Reddy-S.N.singh group,C.P.I.(M.L.)Party Unity and C.P.I.(M.L.)peoples war .One has to credit Bob Avakian and the R.C.P,U.S.A for upholding Chiang Ching and the other comrades in 1978 itself. In India only the Central Re-organization Commitee of the C.P.I.(M.L.)  and  the U.C.C.R.I.(M.L.)led by Harbhajan Sohi upheld the Gang of 4.One of the strangest phenomena was the peoples rally against the gang of 4 in 1976 just after Mao’s death. This can be attributed to weaknesses in political trends in the G.P.C.R. and the legalizing of revolutionary committees .The masses were not educated sufficiently on who were their real enemies. Certain writers quote Mao stating “Help Chiang correct her errors”.Mao rebuked the gang for not completely implementing the mass line not uniting the majority and resorting to factionalism and splitting. From 1974 the revolutionary committees were morally de-activated. William Hinton stated “The Gang of four”  was ultra-left which grossly distorted Mao’s policies and directives, carried sound initiatives to extremes that turned them inside out and upside down, and succeeded in wrecking  whatever they touched. In the 1960’s unlike earlier periods found himself on ‘Liang Mountain’ in regard to leftism-that is so immobilized by a contradiction with the right that he felt tied his hands in dealing with the left.”I feel this assessment grossly undervalues the situation the 4 comrades faced and hardly does them true justice. Such comrades hardly understood or respected the death-defying political struggle of the gang of 4 to save the Socialist State.

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We must oppose and combat the following tendencies which are detrimental to the development of the communist movement:


 •The trend that holds onto obscure positions and rejects the political lines of other organizations without engaging in any political work or dedicated practical program.

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On October 4, 2014 at the Center for Marxist Education, communist historian Doug Enaa Greene, as part of the Red History Lecture Series, speaks on Communist Resistance in Nazi Germany. The German CP offered the most sustained resistance to the Third Reich, ranging from anti-fascist propaganda to espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union and engaging Nazi soldiers in battle during the Spanish Civil War. As part of the struggle against fascism, approximately, nearly half of the party members passed through Nazi concentration camps and at least 25,000 were killed.


Greeting Fred,
Unfortunately I am not familiar with those events. Why not post it in the comment thread for others to weigh in on?On Tuesday, September 30, 2014 8:31-------  wrote:
This is an enquiry email via from:

------- I've red your atricle called "Brothers challenge: show me that communism can be done".Among the comments I find one,written by "lycophidion": says as:"Everything from the Paris Commune, through the early Soviet Union to the Bolivarian procesess, through such experiences as the Mondragón cooperative or >>> the experience in Grândola, Portugal<<<, can give us some vague idea of the contours or just a few threads of how a democratically planned and run economy might work."Could you tell me what happened exactly at Grandola?Or if you not,would you ask this person to tell or write about it?Or its not possible,could you give His/hear contact where I can reach her/him?I was so intrested about the topic that I opnened a thread a revleft,but no one has answered,yet.,please help a bit.With socialist greetings:A comrade from Hungary

I have come up with a great new way for this country to save $billions on defense and I will shortly relay this idea to Prez. Barack Obama. It involves the power of prayer. We don’t need troops, planes, missiles and soldiers. We just need troops of people who will agree to pray against ISIS (ISEL or Islamic State).Before dismissing this idea let’s look at what the experts say:Never underestimate the power of prayer. When you are praying according to God's will, your prayer is unstoppable. And how do we know what God's will is? By careful study of Scripture.Jesus made this promise: "If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you" (John 15:7). — GREG LAURIECHRISTIAN POST.And the pro-life (anti-abortion) crowd have dedicated a lot of space to using prayer intheir holy war against abortion:Pro-Life Wisconsin believes in the power of prayer. No one should underestimate the power we hold when we come together to pray for an end to abortion and all crimes against human life.To further this effort, PLW produced Pro-Life Prayer Cards and distributed them across the state. Today there are literally tens of thousands of our prayer cards circulating throughout the state.We currently offer two prayer card options:  Pro-Life Prayer CardLoving God, Creator of all human life,
we adore You and worship You.
You create all human beings in Your
image. May we, Your people, dedicate
ourselves to defending the preborn, the
terminally ill, the disabled and all those
 threatened by the culture of death.
We ask You to touch the hearts of all
mothers considering abortion, the
abortionists, and those who support
killing preborn babies.
Help all people, especially Wisconsin's
elected officials, to realize that innocent
human life-from fertilization to natural
death-is precious and worthy of protection.
Give us courage and strength to follow
the example of Jesus, Our Savior, as we
defend Your precious gift of life. 

So we can see how much the Christians in this country value the power of prayer. The president is a Christian, despite all of those nay-sayers who continue to claim he is secretly a Moslem or an atheist communist. So if he really is a Christian he can prove it by pulling back all that military hardware and putting his faith in prayer. Let the prayer legions pray around the clock in churches all across the country. Let the power of prayer get through.He can expand this all across the Middle-east. Most countries are Moslem and “God is great!” And even though our God is greater than anyone else’s god, we can still combine the power of prayer for both Christians and Moslems and we should be able to kick ISIS's ass. We all know ISIS are not REALLY Moslems. They are just godless evil terrorists claiming falsely to be Moslems. So all we have to do is out pray them and Jesus and Allah will come down and throw lightning bolts in the backs of all those ISIS troops—knocking them all dead. If we have faith in OUR GOD surely he will win this war for us and stop us from having to kill our children and waist all that money on military hardware.So once our government takes up my idea I will be a major US hero. Line up now to get my new book Prayer Is So Powerful, (not really a book) signed while you can.  

Originally published at Open Media Boston.

by Doug Enaa Greene

To revolutionaries, and I'd imagine many others too, anniversaries are when we remember past events and struggles, discuss their significance and what lessons they may hold for us in the current moment. Although I hold to the reflections I gave on the previous two anniversaries of the Occupy Movement (see here and here), that still leaves the question: what do we say now? Was this Occupy Movement the herald of a new form of radical politics? A liberal version of the Tea Party? A fun carnival? A necessary learning process that thousands of newly politicized activists had to undergo before moving onto more serious politics? Or just a flash in the pan? Can we even pass judgment on the many unrealized dreams of Occupy?


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Dear Friends and Comrades ! You all know about the Forum for Political

Alternative's (FPA) today's (21.09.2014) Meeting at Sundaryya Vignana Kendram, Baghlinganpalli , Hyderabad from 11am .... To Disturb the meeting the police of Telangana i.e, KCR's government arrested members of FPA... Arrests were started from midnight .... So far they have arrested - Com. Padmakumari, Jiten Marandi, Pani, Varalakshmi, Chiluka Chandrasekhar, Devendra, Anjamma and her children, Many others were picked up from Secunderabad Railway station, on the way to Hyderabad itself.... Morning at 6.25am they have arrested Com. Varavararao ... Arrests are going on... Let us Condemn this... Let us fight for the release of our Friends and Comrades... Let us Fight for the Freedom of Expression !

Shamefully the historic programme commemorating 10 years of the revolutionary movement by the Forum for Political Alternative's (FPA) in Hyderabad was curtailed,with activists detained who were arriving for the meeting. depicting the true nature of the state.It depicts how the bourgeois democratic projection of the state is a garb .We must all raise our voices against this heinous act.Revolutionary democrat Varavara Rao has done exemplary work in the Revolutionary writers association and exposed the state repression on democratic movements.Inspite of permission the meeting was sabotaged.It is a mere illusion that we have a bourgeois democratic state.All over India , in every nook and corner of the world this attack should be exposed and the people educated on it's significance.It has to be explained how in the name of supressing 'Maoism' the state tramples on people's rights.The ruling government has trampled upon the civil rights of the people.

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I am  not a supporter of the Maoist  party but I  am posting this statement  and link  as a maoist  historian  and admirer .I do not think the subjective factors prevail   for launching Protracted People's  War  or believe that mass  line  has been correctly  developed like by the Communist Party of India in the  1946-51  Telengana armed struggle or by the China with regard to base areas in the1930s.Errors have been made particularly in light  of  mass  organizations but I admire achievements  and phenomenal sacrifices and the great innovative methods in Dandkaranya.Today the10th  anniversary is a  historic  event in the history  of  the International Communist  Movement.Major  errors  have occured  in military  line but it's  achievements  are  on par  with  the Communist  Party  of Phillipines  and  the  Peruvian Communist party earlier.It has  resssurected  the red  torch of the Russian and Chinese  Revolutions and  burned  the flame  of Maoism  against  all adversity  treading  the  most treacherous  or hazardous of paths.Let  us dip our  blood  in  memory  of  Azad Kishenji etc.


The C.P.I.(Maoist) has resurrected the legacy of the Bolshevik and Chinese Communist parties burning the flame of Maoism. I think the C.P.I.(Maoist) has achieved on par with the Sendero Luminoso in Peru led by Gonzalo of the1980’s and the present Communist Party of Philippines although it has not developed base areas like the Chinese Communist Party in the 1930s or in the Telengana armed struggle from 1946-51.Neverthless they have built the first re-organized Marxist-Leninist Maoist party of it’s kind and the merger of M.C.C.I and PW group as well as the 2007 conference will be written forever in the annals of world revolutionary movement.Great self criticism and humility was displayed in the 2007 event and I rever the words of comrade Kishen,(spokesman)former secretary of M.C.C.who admitted errors like revisionist tendencies and sectarianism openly in an Interview. The Chinese party hardly faced the obstacles of the Indian Maoist party like casteism,communalism and cultural diversity. The  C.P.I.(Maoist) although commiting serious mistakes in mass line and military line have developed some of the most creative forms of work. We have to ward of propoganda by journals like ‘Frontier’ that claim that it is divided into various parties in Jharkhand or are violating Mao TseTung’s ideology like ‘Red Star’.Infact in recent years Kolkata based journal‘Frontier’ has ridiculed the Maoist party virtually calling it a military outfit with no proper strategy.I believe the party has made errors of democratic practice within mass organizations in terms of developing democratic functioning but one has to consider the complexities of a situation when conducting armed struggle. It’s principle weakness is also inability to sufficiently protect itself as a  party by mastering Leninist or Maoist doctrine.There are also sharp tendencies of military approach replacing massline and confusing the party with the military organization.Neverthless they have done justice to the sword of ‘Maoism'by forming the 1st ever Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army in India , built itself without creating any personality cult which is remarkable and have managed to devise retaliatory forms of struggle to defend itself.The R.P.C’s  led by the Maoist party  have weakness in terms of of democratic functioning and I feel the party must study the works of comrades like T.Nagi Reddyand D.V.Rao.We must also remember the great contribution of Kondappali Seetharamiah(died in2002) who formed the PWG and of the role of the Maoist Communist Centre.Today bourgeois circles maintain that there is enemity between M.C.C.and PWG Cadres which is false. I will never forget the admiration Professor G.N.Saibaba had of the C.P.I.(Maoist) which he placed in another league from any other group. There is an infection within the revolutionary camp which still calls the party morally the ‘Peoples War group’ and does not recognize the historic significance of the merger in 2004.These comrades just cant look beyond the Charu Mazumdar C.P.I.(M.L.).8thcentral commitee formed in 1970 .and thus refuse to recognize parties outside the 1969 C.P.I.(M.L.) like Maoist Communist Centre.

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From: DynamicFigment


As Leftists with much to say, sometimes we can get ahead of ourselves when explaining concepts to those who spend time frolicking outside as opposed to wading through Capital. Recently I had an experience where I realized that some concepts need to be minutely taught in language accessible to the everyday person. That without understanding this facet of linguistics, your attempt to talk about materialism will come off as metaphysics, or worse, religion.

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On September 6, 2014, at the Center for Marxist Education in Boston, communist historian Doug Enaa Greene lectured on the history and perspectives of the Israeli Socialist Organization (Matzpen). Matzpen was a revolutionary socialist and anti-Zionist organization founded in 1962. Matzpen viewed Zionism as a colonization project, was considered a security threat by the Israeli state, opposed Israel's wars, and worked closely with Palestinian Marxists. Greene is the author of the upcoming book Specters of Communism, on French Communist Louis-Auguste Blanqui.



Moderator note:

Recently through the revelations of Eric Snowden's leaks of NSA documents a particular tactic involving "the application of 'social science' to disrupting and steering online activist discussions, luring targets into compromising sexual situations, deploying malicious software, and posting lies about targets in order to discredit them" has been exposed. In Kasama we are uncovering tactics being used on our site that resemble this type of campaign. We want to make our readers aware of what we know so far. 

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Young hunger strikers go up against regimes in Morocco and Egypt

1 September 2014. A World to Win News Service.


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Lately Kasama Project has had a lot of Toll messages—most likely from right-wingers. So I decided to do an article on such trolling. First, they may be annoying and detracting from what we are doing, but they may also be a sign that we leftist are being watched by the political right in this country.

It’s hard to say whether we should like this or not. Most of the time the right-wing in this country tries to pretend we don’t exist. That seems to work quite well for stopping the average person from finding out who we are. I know our local newspaper—The Wichita Eagle—routinely avoids mention of right-wing or left-wing groups. They seem determined to avoid using our names. A good example of this is Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church- the right-wing anti-gay organization. Even when they cover something the group does they refused to use their name. It seems they don’t want to give them any free publicity.

So maybe the attention we get from trolls is a sign they feel we have enough of a following that they can’t just ignore us.

As Mao (毛泽东) said:

I hold that it is bad as far as we are concerned if a person, a political party, an army or a school is not attacked by the enemy, for in that case it would definitely mean that we have sunk to the level of the enemy. It is good if we are attacked by the enemy, since it proves that we have drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves. It is still better if the enemy attacks us wildly and paints us as utterly black and without a single virtue; it demonstrates that we have not only drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves but achieved a great deal in our work.[1]

I don’t get as many troll messages on my blog; Otto’s War Room. I have received these two messages; the first was a response to an article about the Communist Party of India (Maoist):

Anonymous said...

Naxals sucks and so are those fucking Chinese who baking up them in India. They are motherfucking cowards stoping the growth of India, raping their own women comrades.

And then a comment against abortion:

Lester E. Rees said...

Scott Roeder was a hero! Regardless of the lies you lie-beral communist traitors spew out, Scott Roeder will spend the rest of eternity in Heaven after he dies!!! Praise be to God for compelling Scott Roeder to kill the monster "Doctor" George Tiller!

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[Moderator note: the following piece represents the views of a guest posting in the Open Threads section of the Kasama site, not of Kasama itself. This essay does not represent the views of Kasama.] 

Please let it be known that the following article is an attempt to engage members of the PCR-RCP in a productive dialogue. It is not meant as an attack on their organization but rather as a call to begin serious engagement with the difficult task of theorizing revolutionary theory for the 1st world.


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I just received a letter from Public Citizen (actually a few days ago) asking me to help and support their efforts to push for an amendment to the Constitution to overturn Citizens United and other Supreme Court rulings that have granted $ billionaires and Big Business unprecedented power over our "democracy."

To be exact, they do not want the constitution to treat a business or corporation as a person. This ruling has allowed unlimited campaign contributions from such $ billionaires as the Koch brothers. I’m glad to see this effort and I will do what I can. But this amendment falls short of what we really need to do—GET ALL MONEY OUT OF POLITICS.

I realize by trying to fix this country a lot of revolutionary people will condemn me for calling for anything short of a revolution. But in reality, taking all the money out of our elections would lead to a revolution. That is because the core of this system requires capitalism to be intertwined with elections and campaign contributions do that.

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By Gary Leupp, originally published at Dissident Voice.

About a week into the Ferguson crisis, cable TV anchors like Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper began to decry the presence of “outside agitators” in the community. This was after SWAT teams with MRAP trucks and M-16 assault rifles came from outside in response to crimes against property (window-smashing and looting) prompted by outrage at the police killing of an unarmed black 18-year-old boy.

There are 53 members of the Ferguson police force, 50 of them white in a town that is almost 70% black. One in four people lives below the federal poverty line in Ferguson, and most black residents say they’ve been pulled over by police or have friends or family members who have been harassed by the police. It’s a place that was ready to explode.

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The US is beating the war drums over the loss of Iraqi territory to the Islamic State soldiers known as ISIS.

While the real loss is in land, prestige and control of Middle-east holdings by the US Empire, that is not what supporters of a new war are saying.

According to CNS News, Rep. Mike Rogers (R.-Mich.), the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said ISIS is “one plane ticket away from U.S. shores.” As usual the Republicans are using scare tactics to get the US people ready for a war they are promoting. It may be imperialist real estate and “interests” they want back but they are using fear to promote deeper involvement in the ISIS war.

ISIS "present the greatest threat we've seen since 9/11," said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, according to CNS News.

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Whatever one's opinions on the RCP and their effectiveness in Ferguson, the recent attacks on them by liberals are nothing but good old fashioned red-baiting portraying them as "outside agitators."  The term "outside agitators" goes back to the Jim Crow South when white supremacists referred to civil rights activists, such Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as "outside agitators" who had come to "rile up" the otherwise content peaceful black populace. To the white supremacists, black people were seen as too dumb to protest without "Red influence." We should reject these stereotypes and stand in principled solidarity and defend the RCP from these anticommunist attacks.



By Douglas Williams, originally published at Jacobin.

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It is significant that Cornel West, one of the most significant black intellectuals, who supported Obama in 2008 has now come out against him. West, like millions of others, believed Obama to be a progressive and interested genuine social change. West has seen, and is articulating, the disillusionment felt by millions of people, that Obama was not "hope and change" but just a new enforcer of Empire.


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